The 2-hour tarot tutor?

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The 2-hour tarot tutor?

I'm not a fan of anything that might appear like a "learn how to do B NOW" type thing, but I noticed this book in my library's catalog. Any opinions on the book? Has it been helpful to you?
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I just saw this, DG, sorry I haven't answered earlier. I got this book out from my own library, and thanked my lucky stars that I didn't spend money on it.

Okay, to be fair, the book starts out admonishing the reader to put all the other books away and "SAY WHAT YOU SEE", which is a great way to start, IMO. It takes you through an exercise of basically going through your deck, one card at a time and describing what you see in, say, 25 words or less. Then you go back to the start and do it again, only instead of describing, you add more to your *impression* of what the card is saying. Feelings, consequences, the surrounding situation, that sort of thing. It's a very worthwhile exercise and I learnt a great deal about going into a card using it - but the rest of the book - IMO only, mind - is rubbish. It's very superficial, and if you want to use the TArot for anything other than a vaguely enertaining party trick, I think it will "stunt your growth".

By all means, get it out from the library, read it, do the exercises. But remember that it's only one way of approaching the Tarot, and it's a quick-fix way to boot. Don't set yourself into a mould by using that "way" and that one only. It's valuable for what I mentioned above, and that in and of itself makes it worthwhile for a read.

\m/ Kat
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In my personal opinion, you can't learn Tarot in 2 hours. If you try, you will get discouraged and probably hate Tarot. Some people learn differently than others, though. It took me weeks and months of exchanging here on the board before I got the hang of things.
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Thanks all. It's unfortunately at a different branch than where I live so I haven't even gotten a chance to look at it yet.

I had read some reviews, though and came back pretty disappointed. I'm really happy for libraries. I think they're one of the best uses of tax money. Free stuff, paid for by us!
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I love tarot very much and you can't learn tarot just in 2 hours I already learning tarot for a month but still improving. Maybe this book will be useful to you. 21 Ways How to Learn Tarot and Learning the Tarot
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