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I totally agree with the confusion over mixing the elements/suits. In most decks you can get by without noticing it too much, but if the artist used a lot of color to show the element - then watch out! I love the Nigel Jackson deck, but I had to quit using it for readings because it was too confusing to me to start a reading and then suddenly realize that I was interpreting the wrong suit!

I just finished my chapter 6 and will post now.
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adept level 6

using Songs for the Journey Home (I know, I use a different deck almost every day!)


GD correspondences. Cups=water; swords=air; pentacles=earth; wands=fire.
I always use this system, even if the deck uses different (unless the art makes it hard to do so).

Keywords for suit:
Wind(air) = tension, confusion, fear, learning, thoughts
Flame(fire) = action, success
Wave(water) = excitement, joy, disappointment, emotions
Earth(earth) = satisfaction, work, practical results, comforts

My chosen card is Wheel of Fortune, a Major card, Fire. Keywords: change, disruption, action.


My card is the Wheel of Fortune.

Why: Wheel of Fortune. My lesson is to be active and aggressive in regards to events in my life.

Who: Knight of Cups. I am receptive and react emotionally.

What: 8 Pentacles. I act aggressively in regards to the desired result.

Where: Ace Cups. I am receptive to the potential of my emotions.
The Wheel of Fortune is about my relationship to change. My lesson is to
be more able to initiate and handle the changes in my life. I am maturing in my ability to move forward with changes I desire to invoke as well as handle the changes that come unexpectedly. I can be active and aggressive in regards to the events in my life, whether proactive or reactive. If I am willing to experience my own emotions, growth is possible and I will be successful in my goal.
Single statement:
I can be active and aggressive in regards to changes in my life, mature in my ability to be in control, to act aggressively in regards to my desired result of achieving the potential of my emotional state of being.
Well, gobbeldygook might be a good term! I've tried to word this to make sense. And it is true for me - that I want a better relationship to change. I want to create change. I am very good at handling change - that is no problem for me. I want to MAKE things change. So it is my power that needs work; I think this is where the Knight comes in.
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Thumbs down 21 Ways...Adept Level six


1. I'm using the RWS, which uses the Golden Dawn suit and element correspondences. The Golden Dawn system makes the most sense to me. It could be because my first deck was a the RWS. Though I have collected quite a few decks, I continuously refer to the Golden Dawn system.

2. My chosen keywords
Wands/Fire: initiation, risk, passion
Cups/Water: dreams, empathy, heart
Swords/Air: communications, analysis, reason
Pentacles/Earth: security, grounding, fruition

3. Major Arcana
Moon/Water: secretive, nurturing, merge

1. I have drawn the King of Pentacles. The court cards from the Minor Arcana are about who, and pentacles are about fruition.

2. Who: King of Pentacles- Although Im in a comfortable place in my life (yin) I need resolution (earth)
What: Nine of Swords- to resolve and quiet my destructive inner voices (yang) (Air)
Why: The World - appreciation (Yin) for the gifts I have received from the Universe. (earth)
Where: Ace of Swords- In the sphere of the mind using analysis and inquiry (Yang) until I accept who I am. (Air)

Although Im in a comfortable place in my life I need to resolve and quiet my inner voices so that I can appreciate fully the gifts I have received from the Universe, I will do this through counseling.
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