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Minute Deck is Officially OOP

Thank you to each and everyone of you who ordered one of these from me!

I was printing the edition is batches, so I could afford them, and now with the last batch of 13, which are pretty much all spoken for...the run is complete!

Actually, I do have mixed feelings about it being done, because I do really like the little deck, and I feel connected to each and every one I have sent out, because I have cut every card of them by hand. (as well as making those really terrible little boxes!)

There are currently no plans to do another edition... but Never is a long time...so who knows?

Thanks again AT!
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6 Haunted Days 

Congrats on selling out your delightful deck! Never is a long time, so who knows? I am just happy I got a copy, although it's still AWOL.

Now we can wait with bated breath for your All Hallow's!!
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Ooh Ahh
Glad I got my copy

Congrats on selling out!

Look forward to the All Hallow's as well!
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Chronata: Congratulations on the accomplishment!

Understand the mixed feelings; however, one never knows what might develop. & doubly glad to have a copy of your charming deck.
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I wonder if I snagged the last one...??
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Congrats, Chronata! What a brilliant feeling . . . you've created something special that's touched a lot of people, and it's time for you to release the spell thread that you've spent so long spinning.

\m/ Kat
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This was a wonderful accomplishment Chronata. For one thing, fewer people actually manage the full 78 cards. And, the deck is a very talky reading deck. Really love it. And, bwhahaha, mine is laminated thanks to Gardener.
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congratulations on this!
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Guiding Cauldron 

well done chron!! someday i hope to own at least 1 of ur decks, but until then i drool! lol love and light xx
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