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Hi, this is my first post, and my first deck. I was drawn to it immediately when I saw it. I would like to join the discussion because I have a ton to learn.
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swimming in tarot 

Hi! I posted a couple of times yesterday, then thought I should introduce myself. Just got the deck on Thursday, and am very impressed with it. I'll pop by and post from time to time as mood and time permit. (Is anyone else still here, or am I conversing with echoes?)
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Queen of Disks 

I'm here. I finally got around to posting yesterday. Looking forward to more discussion!
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I didn't know there was a signup for the study groups, I just kinda jumped in and started posting. I had my BG deck with me, while I was browsing AT yesterday, and it kinda just unfolded. I am so glad to read and learn with everyone, even though the posts are older. Just poking around yesterday, I learned a whole lot. So, thanks to all those that are or were involved, I appreciate it, and count me in!
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I seem to have joined up, too. Yesterday I was just cruising New Posts and came across some study group threads....Alice down the Rabbit Hole! So I am entranced with this deck now, amazed at it's depth, and fascinated at the things others see in these cards. It sort of reminds me of spelunking, a group of cave explorers linked together and carrying torches, exploring mysteries deep in the earth. I don't usually join study groups because I'm inconsistent about posting, but I can't stay away from this one!
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My deck(the Silver Edt even) just arrived yesterday and so I thought I'd formally show my interest in joining this study group. So far I've barely looked through the cards, but I've been lusting for this deck for quite some time and I'm over the moon now that it's finally mine
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I hope to be able to chip in regarding this intriguing deck as and when time allows. To see the light we need to be aware of the dark, one cannot exist without the other, and neither is truly good or bad.
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I'm so happy that this deck was made into a study group~

I've had this deck for about a year now and have used it exclusively since I got my mitts on it (birthday present for myself- hooray!) Anyway, I've learned to really trust this deck and push myself with it, but I'd really like to challenge myself more. To be honest, I feel like I'd be doing the deck a disservice if I didn't go ahead and spend some time to really, really STUDY it.

With most of my other decks, I've spent the time to analyze and think about each specific card... but with the BG, I haven't. Like- at all. Even though the readings have almost always been so fluid and natural, I really do want to get to the next level with this deck before I move onto my next tarot endeavor ;D

So ya, here we go~ I get to revive old threads and read all the delicious information others have posted. I can't wait <3!
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Me, me, me!! I want to join in. I absolutely LOVE the dark beauty of this deck. I have had it for about a year, and am still getting to know it. I mostly read for others using Kat Black's Golden Tarot deck, but when they have tough issues coming up I will reach foir the BG. I want to start using it more. I use it alot for prompts in my writing and with my writing group, the imagery is perfect for a starting point.
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I just obtained my Bohemian Gothic a few weeks ago and I am completely in love with it. This is my first deck study; I'm happy to be here and I hope the conversations continue even though I'm a bit late to the party!
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