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Look around for some help!?
I don't know. Yeah, I mean it seems obvious, but I doubt it. What if it's meant to go my own way (with the hint at harming myself by doing so)? Also, who could help me?

... Guess I have to take a closer look at my reading ...

Astraea Aurora
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All of what everyone has said, and more. This card creeps me. There are so many interpretations of what's going on in it, and none of them are bode well for the figures in it. (Excellent card, excellent deck, don't get me wrong! This card is doing its job.)

Has anyone noticed what the dull-eyed baby is wearing? A long robe, as long as a christening gown (they were fitted to a child's body but adult length, symbolizing the hope that the child would prosper and live to adulthood) BUT they were white. This is black. Does the woman have a death wish for the children, as being a burden to her? Both children are in black. Is the little girl cold, or clutching a pain? If so, what is the cause of the pain? The woman looks to be in a trance, and I'll go with that, because...look closely at the stonework to the right of the door. Yes, I know it's photoshopped in, but with all the stonework examples to choose from, the creators have chosen a wall that appears to be off-level. No, there is no corner and the wall is not receding into the distance directly away from us. In this image, the courses are askew. The woman is askew. And what sort of woman wanders the streets immodestly hatless in a scarlet dress at night? Not even a kerchief? Is she a prostitute? Are the children inconvenient by-products of her assignations? She is thick around the middle. Is there another on the way? Has she had other children, and if so, where are they now? Is she in the trade to feed an addiction, and addicted to cover a hurt?
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I was just wondering whether this cloth which the baby is wearing, does not belong to this saint Martin who gave her this. Maybe she 'dealt' with him and kept his cloak..

The kids look very well fed, but are being totally ignored.. The little girl seems desperate to get her mothers attention..

I think this is about ignoring everthing that is being offered, This womans pride seems to be her uttermost concern.' Getting away' with the 'giver', is seems to be more important then giving in on her pride..
As long as everything appears totally under control...
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My interpretation of the card is as follows:

The woman has either come across hard times (be it financially, or personally, a broken family, etc) and is on her own. I take note of her coming up to the place of charity, however she has not yet passed it. Will she turn in? Her children obviously hope she will, however her facial expression is one of longing, moving straight ahead, she is unstoppable. I feel this is her way of dealing with her situation, she is seeking more. I also take note that she may be prideful; this may be her first time falling on hard times as well - she is well fed, groomed, and well dressed. The red dress signifies her inability to stop and ask for help, she refuses all help stubbornly. But her daughter's expression says what her mother cannot; she is trapped in this relationship with her mother, dependent on her in entirety, neglected and desperate for assistance.
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