Bohemian Gothic Study - which cards are the scariest?

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Originally Posted by faunabay
The Sun - Whoa! We pretty much knew this little guy (is he human or not?) is freaky.

So how about it? Which ones freak you out the most?

Rebirth of Damien
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Originally Posted by FantasyWorld
Rebirth of Damien

Oh, exactly!!!!
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Originally Posted by Master_Margarita
Great thread.

The Knight of Swords, but only because I used to date him.


Originally Posted by Baroli
That's priceless!!!

That's scary!
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My scariest...

Cards with children:
The Sun
Page of Cups
Ten of Cups
Six of Pentacles
Seven of Swords: What is following/chasing her??
Four of Cups: Dead? Undead? Very Anne Rice

Cards without children:
Devil: terrifying! And my favorite card in the deck...
Knight of Swords

I'm sure there are more, but these are my top picks.

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Dancing Bear 

I just Love them all, I am mesmorised with them all..

There is one little card lurking in the background that does give me the heebee geebee's though 7 of Wands
Handsome looking Devil (Demon isnt he LOL!
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scariest cards?

2 cups
3 swords
the devil
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6 Haunted Days 

I've thought about this since I've gotten my deck, and there really isn't any cards that "scare" me or creep me out. Of course certain cards in any deck can frighten me depending where they come up in a reading though. But just going with the images, no not a one.

I do know the woman in the Lovers is creepy, only because she's so errrr bug-eyed ugly! I really dislike the looks of that woman.
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Five of them stood out for me.

The Emperor - this guy takes control and authoritarianism to new heights. You'll do it his way or he'll have your head, and then keep it around to gloat about it.

Justice - I get the feeling he has his own brand of it and woe to those who cross him. . . I bet he willingly helps The Emperor stack and re-stack those heads.

The Sun - I think this is Chucky's (Child's Play) little blond and evil twin.

5 of Wands - Someone done several someone elses wrong, and they have come back to even the score. From the looks of all the ravens (crows) lined up on the roof, you just have to wonder if they won't be successful.

The King of Swords - My first thought when I saw him was that he probably was doing us a favor by not allowing us to look on his face. We just couldn't have stood it. All that armor - cold, gray - multiple "trophies" in the background, and his big, shiny, sharp sword at the ready.
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don't know whether its because they scare me or because they stand out to me but here goes:

The Hermit - Its in his eyes, he knows things!!

Seven Of Swords - I never want to babysit for that girl.

Ten of Wands - I want to know whats in her bag

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if you click on knight of swords it says rot, was it his name? joke
Im not finding any of the cards scarey but sometimes the feeling I get from them can overwhelm me because they open me up in a stronger way to spirit.
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