Bohemian Gothic Study - which cards are the scariest?

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Talking Scary cards? Ok!

I have found that monsters don't scare me, but people do.

Justice: Anybody that walks around with the Malleus Maleficarum needs their head checked. That is downright terrifying.

Empress: "Honey! Guess who's coming to dinner!"

Seven of Swords: That had better not be the Necronomicon, otherwise we are all screwed...

Four of Wands: Creepy guy watches women in a garden. No good can come from this.

Three of Cups: Some really crazy ritual is about happen...

Knight of Pentacles: Now that's NOT the way to spend eternity...

Three of Swords: "I didn't do it. It wasn't me...."

Knight of Swords: The eyes alone are enough to make me run for the door.

Page of Swords: Reminds me of the Doctor Who episode with the Weeping Angels.

The Sun: This kid is NOT alright.

Ten of Cups: Paging Dr Freud..

I could keep going, but you get the point. This deck is creepy, but in a good way. It makes me happy!
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8 of Pentacles

This card is for me the creepiest by far. The shop keeper really weirds me out. Just look at his eyes! What kind of doll did the girl buy anyway? Something is amiss here! The dolls on display in the window are very frightening.
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This scene always remind me on a similar sequence in the movie "Interview with the vampire".
But in the film, the puppetmaker does not survive the visit of this little (Vampire-)girl.
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Scary or disturbing?

I've just received my BG Deck and I got it because I thought it was hauntingly beautiful.
For me, I don't see any scary cards - they are very powerful and hypnotic.
The most disturbing one, just because of what it implies, is the Devil.
Other posts here have made reference to the Devil being male but it looks female to me.
The most horrifying, disturbing, malevolent, pure evil thing a woman can do is turn away from her light side of loving, nurturing, caring and to abuse the trust that women have been given as life givers, caregivers/nurturers. This card reveals destruction at it's worst; trust gone so wrong. The addicted woman looks so dependent and in need of the Devil - and isn't that what addiction does to us?
I can't think of a better Devil card - RWS has nothing on this!
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All the cards are stunning but a few stand out for me as being rather disturbing in their own wonderful way

1st has to be the LOVERS : Yikes that card just freaks me out, I dont like the expression on her face, she looks mortified & frozen in fear mixed with freaky fascination: makes me shiver. Usually the Lovers is one of my favourite cards, not in this deck!
That 3 of Pentacles is just nightmarish, nuff said!
Next for me is the hideous little dude in the King of Cups, he chills my soul when I look at him.......*knees knocking"
I would not like to run into the little woman in the 10 of Wands, I think she would probably point her bony finger at you & turn you into a small slimy critter & then tread on you.
The 9 of Wands is also a little disturbing, this guy looks a bit crazed & might just lose the plot & run that spear right thru you.
The figure throwing off his shroud in Judgement looks terrifying & he also looks as if he has seen something approaching that makes him wish he was dead (again)
The Knight of Swords looks a heartless swine, he has unmentionable cruelty on his mind, he will entice you & commit hideous atrocities & yes I've dated him too
The Empress is extremely odd, she looks insane, unhinged & unstable & I would not fancy entrusting my child to her care!

There are a number of cards in this deck that are the most beautiful I can every remember seeing, with the most stunning colouring & breathtaking light in them:

Three of Wands
The World
5 of Cups
10 of Swords
6 of Swords
Queen of Cups
The Hanged Man
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swimming in tarot 

Well, there are cards in various combinations of melancholy, poignant, atmospheric, eerie, grotesque, worrisome, unexplainably unsettling, and with implied twisted stories behind appearances, but the ONE card that really gets me is the Knight of Swords. There isn't a lot of leeway for a positive interpretation on that one, I'm afraid. He just looks a bottomless pit of cruelty and hatred chosen of his own free will.
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The first one that pops into my mind is the old bat on the 4 of Pentacles. I have reasons, though.

When I was very young, my mother knew an old lady that looked *exactly* like this, complete with curving, long red glossy nails. Once, I had the misfortune of sitting across from her at dinner, and I had to watch her rend and strip the flesh of an innocent chicken leg, with those long hooked, filed to sinister points. Terrifying, visceral. Here 25 years later, the imagery haunts me, it took me a very long time, before I could eat chicken again. She was a vile, ill tempered, domineering woman. She used to make her middle aged son step and fetch, for her, and paint those gods-awful nails, every day.

So, when I first got this deck, and I was flipping slowly through the cards, the first time, I came across her, and went "WHOA! Ritchie's mom!" I put them down, with her face down, and took a break for a bit. I literally broke out into a cold sweat.

Amazing, how powerful childhood imagery can be.
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The King of Cups is the scary one for me. I had been on the waiting list for this deck and was eagerly anticipating it when Baba posted the king of cups as a kind of sneak preview. Scared me silly....The nasty old vampire is Nosferatu, the only vamp movie that's ever actually give me the cold clobbers. So I looked at that scan and thought, "If they're using N for the King of Cups (a relatively benign card usually) What are they going to do for the heavy duty cards?
Freaked me right out.
I ended up buying the deck months after it came out after having seen enough scans to realize that none of the other cards were as bad as the King of Cups. Funny thing about me and the King of Cups, though, my whole life long I've made my biggest mistakes (read: Train wrecks ) by falling in love with some Bad A** masquerading as the King of Cups....coincidence? I think not.
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I think I'm actually the only one to have mentioned this card so far, but the first card that popped up in my face was The Fool. There's something unsettling about the character in it, both that you can't make out the face properly and that body, frozen into a halfway leap. And those fingers are actually quite disturbing.

Justice: This is normally one of my favourite cards. The judge looks so stern and there's not a single part of him that shows any warmth or mercy. The Malleus Maleficarum and the associations it draws to the Burning Times doesn't make it much better.

Judgement: That thing in the green robe is just plain scary

Five of Wands: A very interesting card actually, which brings up a lot of associations and ideas of interpretation. Still pretty creepy though.

Five of Swords: Werewolves have always scared the beejesus out of me, so that's why I added this card as well. But for some reason it doesn't seem all that frightening when looking at the full image. To me the woman doesn't appear to be that afraid of him and there's something about him that makes him seem less menacing somehow.

Seven of Wands: Reminds me a bit of a character from a video game I had as a kid. The title was appropriately enough "Escape from Horrorland" (based on one of the books in the "Goosebumps" series by R.L. Stine).
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I agree with Seeking1 about the 8 of Pentacles. A very disturbing shop selling very disturbing stuff. I have always had a great fear of Victorian porcelain-headed dolls because they ARE alive and staring at me behind my back, plotting their evil business.
The Devil - I am not sure if this figure is giving an evil drug or taking blood/life essence, but either way this is another great fear of mine.
Page of Wands - as mentioned before on this thread, a ghost child, reminding me in tone if not exact period or context, of the film "The Others".
9 of Cups - this young man is definitely the "hero" of some story by Lovecraft, maybe even Charles Dexter Ward.
10 of Cups - The whole family are possessed, particularly the Father; the Mother is clearly very wary of him.
Page of Cups - Why are wan, skeletal Victorian girls so scary? Why do they never seem at all innocent?
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