The meaning of the hourglass?

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Agreed ... one of my 'longest' nights was when I had a kidney stone.

And dont holidays fly past

What you describe in the Sinai , I have periods of that at home ... and right now I realised it is friday ... I forgot ... I have to go to the Chiropractor. I took my watch off at about 15 years old ... never owned one since. Although at times I have had the need.

Politely asks stranger on street the time , he looks at me nastily, looks at my naked wrist and goes; "NO! F**K OFF! Go and buy your own watch!" (seriously ... it happened ) .
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Originally Posted by CelestialHorse View Post
Makes sense

It does seem the older you get the faster time goes. Kind of scary in a way :/ But I am not afraid of death because I believe our spirit goes on but the body does not.

I love! I don't think I would want to live forever.
I understand. I wondered if the solution was to get a bigger hourglass to slow things down - but it doesn't work....

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With the closure of the forum soon upon us, this thread seems even more profound as we talked about the passage of time...
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