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palmistry - left or right hand?

I've been reading books on palmistry and so i know a little something about it, but the thing is i'm a little confused about which hand to use.
Some books say the left hand tells the characteristics you are born with and the right, the ones you developed. Other books say, the females read their right hands and the guys left. And some other books say totally different things.
The authors have different beliefs and i don't know whether this is based on the original history of palmistry or on their own opinions.
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It's been a long time, but my understanding has been that the left hand shows what one is born with or the potential; the right hand what is or what has been made of it. The hand one reads is the dominant hand, usually the right hand. I suppose for a left-handed person, it would be reversed.
I think the difference in the authors you've read is likely to be similar to that of Tarot authors. Each has his own understanding & developed his views accordingly.
For now, you could take everything you've read with a grain of salt & be open to your own preceptions as you progress.
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I've always been taught (since I was REAL little) that for females the right hand shows what potential they're born with and the left shows what has been made of the potential. Vice-versa with guys. It's always worked for me but it's not the only way. I say, go with what works and what you're most comfortable with.
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Just my 2 cents and personal experience with palmistry, which really isn't much! As I'd posted in previous forum before it went down,I went to a palm reader when I was like 17 yrs old. She read my Right hand (I am right handed) and told me I would have only one child (Then she gave me her opinion on that!). Turns out I have 2 children ,and the line on my Left hand says so! I've also noticed quite a bit of difference between the left and right hand. The right hand seems to have a lot of broken lines going off in weird angles.The left hand seems much more geometrically perfect,with whole lines and straight angles "the way they should be".
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From my experiences and from what I've read. Its said that both palms should always be read(major and minor). The minor hand(usually left for most people) is supposed to show aspects of life that leave an emotional impact. Where as the major hand(usually the right hand, or the hand they use to write with) deals with material matters and the practicalities of life!(again this is in MOST cases) So just to be thorough I read both palms, I feel that I can give a more accurate reading!! hope this helps
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the one reading i had done... went something like this:

the dominate hand is your present. it shows all the current stuff going on in your life... and some of the dreams.

the other hand, shows your past and where you came from and stuff.

and that is about the extent to my knowledge.

blessed be,
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if you weren't confused before you asked that question you should be now LOL!

i have a good friend who is an excellent palm reader and she has always said that your dominant hand is what you are 'doing' and your other hand is what you are supposed to be 'doing'.

i know this probably doesn't help you at all. follow your heart and intuition, you will know which way is the right way for you!

in light and love,
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I studied and chiromancy (palmistry) a couple of years ago, and when I read palms, I just asked the person to give me their hand. Now, depending on their reactions or which hand they gave me, I would mentally note things. For example, if a person asked me which hand to give me, I would take that as meaning they are interested in things like this already, and they seem to think I may have a certain ritual of doing things, or that they may think I have missed something. If they give me their left hand, I would read into that, then analyse that hand. The same with the right. If they give you a hand straight away, it usually shows they are in the 'Show and proove it to me' mood....

I read whatever hand they give me as the things that are happening right now, or things about their personality that are fixed. The next hand I take to be things that could happen in the future....

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haha ... u're right about that Jade.
That's a good technique Kiama. From what everyone has posted, i think i should keep all of them in mind because i noticed they follow a pattern with the dominant and non-dominant hands. Thanx everyone!
big *hugs*!
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The Giving of Hands

Has anyone ever given both hands at once? And if I may ask, what would you do in that instance?

*knowing nigh 5 years have passed since that post...*
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