Reviving the One Deck Wonder

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Reviving the One Deck Wonder

****Edited to Add Progressive Rules****

Hi, everyone.

When I first came to this forum, I was aghast that there were people with (I thought) huge collections of, like, twenty decks who were willing to give all but one of them up to study that one for an extended period of time. And as my own collection has grown, so has the doubt in me that I could pull off something like that.

But on the second Bullet Train, I had the good fortune (and sheer lightning speed required ) to snaffle the Wheel of Change deck from franniee. When I received it and began to go through it, I started to realise that it's a hell of a deck, and possibly has more to it than any of my other ones, even my favourites.

I haven't done a reading with it yet, despite owning it for *thinks* about 6 weeks now.

I want to read the companion book, cover to cover, before I try to read with it. And when I've finished the companion book, I'm seriously thinking about doing a One Deck Wonder with this deck.

I've noticed that the ODW has not been revived yet this year, and I'd like it if I wasn't the only one interested in doing it. I think I need the support, for the hard times, when I lose sight of the symbols and the deck is just a paperweight and the temptation to reach for another is very real and difficult to deal with. So to that end, I would like to begin talking with others who might like to join me.

I'd also like to nut out some *rules*, for want of a better word. But for now, in this thread, please just discuss what your feelings are about this, what deck calls you for it, how long you think you'd like to do it, previous experiences - all that.

As Master_Margarita would put it:


\m/ Kat
****************************These Rules Include Shortened Forms of MariposAzl's***************************

Progressive Rules

1. Start date at the Equinox, which is apparently the 19th of March.

2. Only one deck should be used for readings (at all, including reading for others), study, journalling, idle flicking-through, mindless shuffling, etc.

3. The only time you pick up another deck is a new arrival from an order, and only for the purposes of checking quality and completeness. Then put it away and forget about it.

4. Reading material including companion books and non-card-specific texts (eg. 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card) are allowed, unless a participant chooses to eliminate them for him/herself.

5. Handle your deck every day, even if you don't read with it or actually study any of the cards. Physical comfort with the cards is important to knowing a deck.

6. Journal with the deck at least once a week, if not more often. Use the threads for the group to help motivate you and encourage you to delve further into the symbolism and meaning of the cards.
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one deck wonder

I have no idea what the one deck wonder is. Can someone explain, please?
All the best,
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Simply put, it's where you choose (or are chosen by) one deck and use that exclusively for a set period of time. Post #6 in this thread lists the previous threads dealing with it.

\m/ Kat
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I have the utmost respect for anyone who is able to devote a significant block of time to studying a single tarot deck (or even a single aspect of tarot for that matter). I have at least 21 sets (I stopped counting at that point and didn't even consider individual decks) that would benefit from such a single-minded study.

But the ODW would be difficult for me for a number of reasons:
  • I often don't do anything tarot-related for days at a time because life intervenes
  • I'm currently studying 3 decks - Navigators, Vargo Gothic and Bohemian Gothic (I have to use the word "study" in a very loosely defined manner since I haven't done any "study" with any of them in a number of weeks)
  • I'm trying to study/get a grasp on the court cards
  • I'm gathering all the tools I can find to help with studying the different ways the Major Arcana can be laid out to study the interaction between the cards
  • I'm investigating tools for handling non-scenic pips
  • Thanks to blue_fusion's inspiration, I'm enamored with making boxes to house various tarot decks
  • I'm trying to figure out the puzzle in the Mona Lisa tarot

Would I consider joining the ODW? Probably not cause I know my own limitations and try not to take on projects that I know I won't see to completion. Depending on what the rules end up being, I might do part(s) of the ODW as I have time, but I would happily cheer on and support anyone who needed/wanted it as they were doing the ODW.

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I'm studying Marseilles/non-scenic pips decks right now. So i think i might try this for a month, and see how it goes. If it goes well, then i will go on.

I just ain't sure if i'll use my (only) Marseilles or the Tarot of the Witches (Fergus Hall), my current love. Both are actually.

But to put my RWS & my Mythic aside is really...they too are beloved decks. But for the sake of my new studies, i guess i'll have to do that.
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Actually, I was thinking of starting one up for '08 a few weeks ago... but I didn't get an IIT yet, lol.
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Thankyou for responding I, too, would be defining the word "study" rather loosely, and would rather use a more holistic term such as "experience" or "immerse". I would appreciate the support, too!

It's interesting you saying that about the different methods of laying out the Majors - to go OT - as the Wheel of Change companion book describes in some detail the "Tarot Tree", which groups the Majors in levels, with the Fool "outside", the Magician on its own at the top, then two cards in the next level and so on and so forth.

The Blue Moon Tarot also has a wonderful take on the interrelationships of the cards and their correspondences with the Pagan solar festivals.

Would you be interested in either of those? I note you don't have either of those decks, and I'd be happy to share if you want

Anyway, back to the regularly scheduled thread
lilangel - An IIT??? What now?

Marina - I realise that the ODW in its original incarnation included a TdM, but at this stage that is entirely outside the scope of my capabilities - both as a reader and as a student and resident of Father Time . So it's just going to be the WoC for me. That'll keep me pretty busy, I reckon!

\m/ Kat
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Originally Posted by rwcarter
Thanks to blue_fusion's inspiration, I'm enamored with making boxes to house various tarot decks
Wow, you make tarot boxes? That's so amazing! I wish i had the talent...i could probably decorate the boxes, but not make them. I don't even make bags that well (my mother makes them betterthan i).

Gosh, i do feel incompetent

<back to the original thread>

ETA: Kat - now, i was talking about using the Marseilles myself. You are free to use any deck you wish. It's just, i don't own this deck you mentioned, and my studies are more related to the TdM right now...

That doesn't mean we cannot share experiences and frustrations and the like

I'd probably use my Tarot of the Witches...i dunno.
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You know I actually might consider doing this with you thorhammer.

I have never even considered doing this before so I'll have to go read up in the other threads about truely what it all entails. But hmmm......

I'm not sure exactly which deck I might choose, but this really does appeal to me right now for some reason.
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Actually, the One Deck Wonder folks used several different decks if memory serves.

The main idea was committing to a block of time with one deck and then learning it inside up upside down and sideways. I think there was an International Icon contingent at one point, but the idea of seriously committing to deck monogamy took hold with exceptional results.

Thorhhammer, if one more moral supporter would help, I can join you here; I've been reading almost exclusively with my Liber T for so long it's practically a de facto ODW. The only exception would be my seminar I'm teaching, but we're studying the Thoth so in fact even THAT would be thematically justified.
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