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For the bilingual among you, I've now made the iPhone version available in Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese Because I could

I've always wanted my decks to be available in other languages, but publishers are reluctant as overheads are high and it's hard to prove demand. But with a digital version, the only additional cost is the actual translation

Italian and French will follow soon, and other languages depending on demand and when we can afford the translation.
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Kat -

This is great news!

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It is great news! Makes me wish I had an iphone... congrats Kat!
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That's wonderful, Kat - truly a revolution in the Tarot world

I'm sure German would be a popular choice, if and when you can manage it.

\m/ Kat
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for the first time ever, i am tempted to actually pay for an iphone application. actually, i am not just tempted. i know i will buy it for sure.
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Kat, I finally received your Touchstone Tarot this I am calling it my Summer Solstice deck, haha.

The presentation is just top notch. I am SLOWLY dragging out the gift aspect of it (to myself!), and reading the book, and will slowly build the anticipation of going through the cards.

The book makes me sounds just like your postings I've read on here and other locations around the net.

I don't have an iPhone, just a little iPod Nano...but excited for everyone who does!

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Originally Posted by RubyV
Well, the replacement rom amazon was also faulty. I've cobbled together a deck from the two, but that's left me with a deck that while undamaged, the cards are different sizes. The art is lush and gorgeous, a delight for the eyes, which makes the situation more upsetting. oh well.
Well, I still haven't received my replacement from Kunati, so I gave them a call, over two months after I called them, since Amazon wasn't helpful. I was told that replacement would take four weeks. It's been over 8.

Well, the reason I never got the new deck was because he lost my name.

I'm serious.

I love supporting small publishers, and have found MRP to be a pleasure. I'm just sad that I can't say the same the same for Kunati. I wish I had bought the special ed direct from the artist. Sigh. New estimate: 10 days.
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Le Fanu 

Originally Posted by RubyV
I love supporting small publishers, and have found MRP to be a pleasure. I'm just sad that I can't say the same the same for Kunati. I wish I had bought the special ed direct from the artist. Sigh. New estimate: 10 days.
Im sorry to hear about your problems, RubyV. As you will see from my posts, I also had a problem. Kunati asked me if Id prefer them or amazon to solve the problem. Amazon could also replace the faulty cards if I wanted (the theory being that amazon uk might be faster than Kunati shipping from Chicago). I said Id rather Kunati took charge and solved it. Glad I did.

When they realised there was a problem, they were incredibly obliging. I have nothing but praise for how fast they got a new deck to me. I suppose I just didn't really trust amazon to get it right...
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Has anyone read the MM edition book yet?

If so, could you tell me your opinion of it?

I'm really curious about it (I love good tarot books to go with good tarot decks), but I'm completely content with my LE deck, so the only reason to get the MM edition would be the book...
And that would be rather expensive, because the set is around 30 Euros here (and I'm sort of broke at the moment).

Still, I'm SO curious!

Does it add much to the information on the website?
Does it give spreads, sample readings, etc?
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The MM book is nice - it gives a b&w scan of each card, and lists the sources for the various elements in each image, as well as the upright & reversed meanings (you can see the same meanings on the website). Like the Golden Tarot companion book, it's the same size as the deck of cards (in other words, kind of "chunky"). It doesn't lay flat because of the chunkiness; which is too bad, but it's a nice companion book and a welcome addition to this deck. There are a few spreads offered in the book - CC, 3-card, and the one designed for the deck called the "Love Knot" spread. There are some sample spreads in the back of the book as well.
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