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Originally Posted by Leisa
I fixed a problem with the shipping module. My shopping cart integrates with the Post Office so I can get the shipping costs as close to actual as possible but they changed something in the interface that disabled First Class Shipping as an option.

I uploaded a patch for this around noon today.
*whew* that's MUCH better! I've made my preorder thank you, Leisa!

Please accept my humble and public apology for my disgruntled email regarding the shipping cost ... *blush*
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Its really ok. I understand how frustrating computers, ordering and life is. I also think we get used to dealing with big nameless corporations and forget there are people at the other end.

I'm trying to be really careful with the printers of the journals who have messed up two times in a row by printing the wrong one.
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Well, I ordered mine, even though I really shouldn't have. Honestly, it was a toss up between this or a new cross stitch series I wanted to do. In the long run, the deck is much cheaper and may even offer a return on my investment.

Yeah... that's it. That's what I'll tell my husband.

So, this last deck purchase for me until the full Gaian comes along. Really!
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Wow...I must save my pennies...I can't be without this one. It's looks very special.
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L) YAY! Mine are PRE-ordered today...TouchStone is such a BEATUIFUL deck...
it will certainly be a dream to read with...

Love it!!!

Now...for August 1st to HURRY and get here!

Oh...and will also have to have the mass edition with the gilted edges!!!

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I ordered mine too, but I think it was before the photo with the bag samples was posted. Thanks Leisa for another picture to drool over... The bags look wonderful too!! I can't wait to see everything in person.

I'm looking forward to having the mass market edition too as it is described as being playing card size and it will be nice to have a portable size to carry around. The Kunati website has a "teaser" for the mass market edition coming out in 2009 but the deck size is mentioned on the Touchstone Tarot website (

I'm especially interested in the "digital delivery" mentioned on the Touchstone Tarot site. I'm very curious about the "handheld gaming consoles" mentioned. Maybe I'll be able to have a Touchstone tarot deck on my Nintendo DS?
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I was going to be a small deck due to the quality of the images, but since finishing it I've been told by the publishers that it will be fine as a 'full sized deck'. Maybe we can do a mini one later?

Funny you should mention DS - that would be my preferred platform - 66% of the owners are women, I read recently But development costs and licencing will determine what comes first. Probably web and iPhone are probably going to be first as the entry-cost is lowest and I don't have much capital. Depending on how viable they are, then maybe we could work toward other platforms and more complex applications. Even a video adventure game maybe, one day
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Thanks for the update on the size of the Kunati deck, Kat. I do like the small size decks for small hands, but I'm sure the bigger the beautiful images are, the better! It actually doesn't matter how big or small it is, I'm sure I'll be ordering that one too as soon as it's available.

Yes, the DS does seem to be the "girly" gaming platform, doesn't it? Maybe by the time the digital version is available I'll have an iPhone. I've held off because there is basically no AT&T phone coverage at my house. We do hope to move sometime in the near future though so that's something to look forward to.

A video adventure game with the tarot involved would be so cool! Or how about a Wii version where you could use the controller (the wii-mote) in a certain way to shuffle the cards and lay them out? Then the results of the reading could lead to different paths in the game...
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The DS and the iPhone are very touchy too - that's another reason I like them so much, eg the shuffling could be very physical

To develop a proper video game costs millions of dollars these days, hence I'm thinking smaller (well, starting with the small platforms!).

PS - you can get the iPhone working on any network I hear, just find a friendly geek
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Penny Dreadfuls 

I was pretty surprised by high the price when I pre-ordered, I was curious why it's so expensive? Are we just getting a deck and homemade bag for that price? I read earlier in the thread it was going to be around $30.
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