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morticia monroe 

Goody! I just got my shipment confirmation as well. Happyhappyjoyjoy.....
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Hummm...the 80th do keep a good secret! I'm so thrilled to be getting this one.
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It's on the way! It's on the way!
Thanks to Leisa, Kat and Kat's mum I will be able to welcome her in just a few days!
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I haven't received my shipment confirmation, yet. I'm slightly paranoid that something will go awry with my precious pre-order. *anxiously awaiting an email* My mother received her notice, though, and she's so excited.
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Got the email. Mine's on the way to!
Can't wait till it comes.

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It's Coming!

Got my notice today too! I actually, er, got...two notices, with different shipment numbers. I guess I ordered it twice! Oh yay, now I'll have a spare!!
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I just ordered mine! There are already two Goldens in my family (mine and my mother's) and I'm sure I'll buy the mass-market version of the Touchstone as well.
I've never had a limited edition deck before (except for the Hello, Tarot aka Hello Kitty Tarot)'s exciting!
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Whoo! Whoo!

Just got my notice that my deck has shipped!

What a treat it will be when it arrives next week! I go back to work on Wednesday (public school system) after having a summer off doing nothing but recovering from 2 surgeries. Doing much better, but having a new deck to play with will make the week _so_ much better!

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I got my notice, too! I can't wait! I have three copies of the Golden because I just love that deck to pieces. I will probably get only 1 of the limited edition, but if it clicks, I expect to get a few of the regular one in 2009. I just could not wait. I have been drooling over the artwork ever since Kat started showing it and can't wait to work with it, as the days start to lengthen and the candles burn, the fire in the fireplace crackles and the leaves change to bright and warm colours and....

Oh, gosh, I just want it now!!! I am dying to try a reading with it!!!
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Wooohoooo just got notice that mine has shipped!
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