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Originally Posted by Skimo
A larp is a live action role playing game. Here is a link about the subject :

As a leo vet, I feel more related to strength than Justice... the VIII is my soul card and 8 is also he number that shows up when I makes the math with my name...
I should do a big party this year!

The IDS has helped me to learn to read.

It finally didn't prevent me to buy more decks, but I guess that reading with all my decks while I am beginning to learn would have been more confusing than helpful for me.

The Halloween tarot is a great deck for me.
Ah, thanks for the link re: larp. That sounds pretty interesting!
and, you certainly have lots of links to the number 8. I'm a 19-10-1 in Mary Greer's tarot constellations, and I find that works very well for me. I don't think that's the number from my name though (but I don't follow numerology at all).

Good luck with the Archeon. I really love the look of that deck when it's trimmed - but if I'd trimmed it, I wouldn't have known which card I was looking at! So I traded it away...

Sravana, looking forward to the next IDS...
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A wee moderating note

Since this thread's length (over 1,000 posts) cumbersome & also tends to take longer to download, it will be closed.

A new thread takes its place:

Intensive Deck Study Support Thread ~ Part 2

Thanks to all participants & viewers for the interest. & y'all get to do more of this

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