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Phew... I'll start on the 20th.... gives me one more day to be sure about the deck chosen....
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Knight of Wands 

I'm in

I pledge to only use one deck until Summer Solstice.

I pledge not to buy, or trade any more decks until this time.

I pledge I will shuffle or look at my cards everyday.

I pledge I will use and take my cards everywhere, within reason.
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My own IDS rules will be the following:

1. Start at the Equinox, 19th of March.
2. Deck selected for the purpose is the Liber T: Tarot of the Stars Eternal for ALL readings, study, journalling, idle flicking-through, mindless shuffling
3. Other decks will only be perused as new arrivals from an order/trade to check quality and completeness. (excepting Thoth images, upon which the Liber T is directly based, which appear in related research materials)
4. Reading material including companion books and non-card-specific texts
5. The deck to be handled every day
6. Every day for the duration of the project I will write at least one page (250 words) of topical nonfiction suitable for inclusion in a Golden Dawn book project.
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I'm in!

The rules look pretty good to me, except I'm planning on selling a few decks before the end of the IDS, so I'll need to look through them to make sure all cards are present and accounted for before I ship them. So, not looking through "new arrival" decks so much as looking through decks that are going to be new arrivals somewhere else.

In other news, I've gotten confirmation that the Shining Tribe has been shipped. I'm off camping for the next four days. Hopefully hopefully hopefully the ST will arrive by the time I get back on Sunday or Monday. Then I'll be able to decide between the Shining Tribe and the Wheel of Change. Deck interviews, perhaps, or just going with what feels right.

So, off camping! Here's hoping there's a deck waiting for me when I get back! See you all on Monday!
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yay for more people joining! We've got quite a group going here
I'll list my rules as well, just to get it all official-like:

1. I will continue journalling a card a day (or maybe two, if feeling really ambitious some days) from my VR until I have completed the entire deck--I'm about halfway through right now. When that is complete, I will journal every reading I do with this deck for the duration of my IDS.

2. I will only use the VR for study, idle shuffling, readings and anything tarot-related until the Noblet correspondence course begins in June or July, at which time I will study with that deck, and also continue using the VR (and journalling) for everyday readings. I'll keep on with the VR until I feel the time is right to introduce a new deck--this part is still a bit hazy, but I'm not going to worry about it right now.

3. I will not buy any other decks until this study is finished--probably at least for six months or so. The only book I will use is the VR companion book.

4. I will reward myself with something special when I finish the IDS and the Noblet course--I'm thinking something fabulous from baba's store
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I'm definitely not ready for an IDS with the Liber T. There are some weird things going on in those minor cards! (Thanks, Peter.) But I'm going to take a few more days to decide whether I want to spend three months with the Thoth. (Is that the general length of time that most people are committing to?) I'm leaning in that direction!
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Hi to everybody, fellow IDStudents!

I sent a PM to Thorhammer! I'm also going to join with the Thoth!
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I'm in and excited to be here. I just sent a PM to Thorhammer. I'll be joining with Tarot of Prague, which I have been using for a few months exclusivly anyway, so it won't be so hard for me to be faithful.

1. Start date this weekend.

2. Only Tarot of Prague

3. I have been using 78 degrees of Wisdom and Tarot for Yourself, and I will probably continue with them and maybe add 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card. I like books -- I'm a librarian.

5. I will try to draw two cards every day.

6. I will try to journal with the deck every day. My plan is to get a binder so that I can stay organized -- I guess I'm really a librarian!
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I am just popping in to cheer all of you on! My own study with the IIT, which lasted for about 4 months, was a real journey into Tarot, and ultimately, into myself. I wish you all a happy and enlightening journey!
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I, Sinduction, pledge that I will use only my Tarot Art Nouveau for 90 days, starting on the 19th. I think this may make my Gilded jealous.

I pledge to do a 5 card reading everyday and journal one card a day (for 78 of those days). With the 5 card, I also hope to better my storytelling.

I pledge that Tarot Art Nouveau will be the only deck I leave the house with. And boy, is my back glad to hear that!

While I can't say I won't handle another deck, since I need to for the bags I make for others, I will not read with any other deck.

I will still trade though, since I'm trying to unload some. And, since I'm not a big buyer (I only have 8 decks) I may still buy. But I really don't see this happening.

I'm not sure how I feel about books yet. I read a lot. But I do have a couple books that fit the criteria and I will actually look through them before this starts to see if they may help.

I further pledge to help my fellow IDSers as much as I can.

The hardest part for me is going to be journaling. I will have to buy a notebook. And some pretty pens!

Good luck everyone
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