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Madame Squee 

Stick a fork in me, I'm totally done!

I'm not giving up on gaining control of my acquisitive nature, but I realize now that I have to have access to my collection in order to do that, so I'm out of IDS for now.

Good luck, everyone & thank you for your support! I hope you get what you need from IDS -- I really feel like I did.

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Originally Posted by Promise
I think I'm going to have to leave the formal IDS behind.

When I first got the Bohemian Gothic, I felt such a bond with it, an electric spark. I knew this deck was something special, and I jumped at the chance to deepen that connection. But I feel like it's something I'm trying to force, and I'm afraid that if I push too hard, I'm going to shatter it. For a while, it went so well and I was learning so much, but lately I'm really feeling confined, and that's not the point of this exercise.

I'm still going to work with the BG, but I just can't handle working with it on it's own right now. I've got enough darkness and seriousness in my life as it is, I don't need to be reminded of it by something I truly have passion for.

At some point, maybe I'll be able to handle an IDS with the BG, but for now, it's just not reasonable for me.

Hey honey,

please do whatever feels right for you. The IDS shouldn't be something that is forcing you to do what doesn't feel good to you, neither should the BG be such a thing. If you feel you can't handle it on its own that's ok. I feel for you!

What I've recognized over the last weeks is that my love for the BG has changed tremendously. Right at the beginning it was a hot, passionate love, a fire burning brightly. I couldn't part with it for a single day.
Now it is still a fire, but more on a normal level. It keeps me warm, I know where I belong to tarot-wise. It's a good friend whom I can trust and who is always standing there with open arms. I can even have a whole week of not working with it without loosing the bond.
- So please don't worry cause a change in opinion is not only possible but also normal if one goes the path of the IDS.

Many blessing, Astraea Aurora
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I'm surprised at how much negative "stuff" I've read in this thread. Well, actually I guess I'm not that surprised---I think it's too much like forcing oneself to take a course you have to cram for. For me, Tarot doesn't work well that way and maybe it's not working well for that reason for many of you, either.

But here's a suggestion that might perk some of your studies up if you try it. In another thread, Satori spoke of "becoming the spider" in one of the cards of the Magical Forest. It might be interesting to journal on how you feel and what you discover if you "become" the characters depicted on your cards. I'm going to try it with the Bohemian Gothic, even though I'm not a part of the IDS.
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I agree with Grizabella. I'm surprised at how some people are reacting to the IDS. This isn't about depriving yourself or forcing yourself to "cram". It is about really learning a deck.

If you find something you want to buy, go ahead. (I've bought three, but they have all been safely tucked away for another day.) But remember to really learn a deck, you need to stick with it.

Do what works for you, but don't sell yourself short just because you've had a bit of a rough time sticking with one deck.

My study is going very slowly, thanks to my wee baby. But I'm sticking with it because I really want to understand the Steele Wizard.
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I'm finding this whole experience really positive. I've tried to be positive and supportive throughout when posting on this thread although I did have a bit of a rocky start. I think the message most of us have been trying to share is not to be too hard on yourself if you are having a tough time. Everyone sets their own rules for this so it's not like you can fail at it. I think for the most part those who are still participating are getting a lot out of the experience.
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Same as Sapienza and Silverlotus, actually.

I don't think there's undue negativity, Grizabella, I think you just noticed a spate of bummed out posts 6 weeks in. Nature of the beast, I'd say. I'm probably more of a hardass about this than others, but I believe in something Mary Pickford once said, "What we call failure is not the falling down, but the staying down."

For me it's been a totally positive experience and my "Page a Day" codicil has really paid off (in time for the Reader's Studio too ). Actually, since we started this I've had over 30 requests for my PDF because of people following the Liber T stuff in here. And as I revisit the material I've made more discoveries which in turn have fed the book project which in turn ... etc etc

From what I can tell, people seem to have struggled with the IDS when the deck they selected either conflicted directly with what they have going on in their lives (BG's dark worldview etc) or when they've felt stressed out by the prospect of setting up their own "course of study" without a sort of curriculum overview. When you add to that the challenge of being monogamous with a single deck while existing in a swirl of deck love and deck convos, I think it can be hard. But not negative.

Moreover, I think this speaks to a distinction betweeen the IDS and the One Deck Wonder. The International Icon is supported by every WS tarot book printed. It is completely stripped down to "pure" symbolism. With the IDS people selected decks based on whim, mood, passion or whatever. Those aren't necessarily the things that make for depth. There's no reason why it shouldn't be. But then we're back to what people want to do. I'm not saying this as a criticism but as an observation. Everyone CAN learn to read with any deck, but that doesn't mean they want to or they will. Any processs of improvement requires different things from different people and your mileage may vary. The important phrase there is mileage may vary, and that can be as much a choice of your vehicle, your own stamina, and the road you travel.

If I remember correctly, the original ODW had the same issues. It's there in the threads if you check. Some people had transformative lifechanging experiences that changed the way they read and study Tarot. Some people got bored or claustro or "adulterous" with other decks before the finish line... and chucked it. But that's true of anything challenging: every marathon is littered with people on the sides yacking because they didn't want to go another step. When the student is ready, etc etc. For all I know, the people who have decided to be finished with the IDS got what they wanted out of it and felt ready to move on. By the same token, maybe they weren't getting ANYthing out of it because of habits, preconceptions, or circumstances. Either way, it isn't a gulag. No one is forced to learn anything, ever.

Totally positive for me. It's made me focussed, calm, and productive. Can't beat that with a stick.

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I've stretched some of my IDS pledges. And as I stated earlier, I'm actually going to break one of them, possibly this coming weekend. But I'm still on track with my IDS. I've posted on all of the Majors in the study group, including adding the first real posts on the five (?) missing Majors. The Minors were never done originally. I've started in on the Wands and actually posted five of them yesterday. (The 9 Wands will be the next card I post on.)

The IDS has been a wonderful experience for me. I've extolled its virtues in other posts in this thread, but I'll summarize here:
  • this is the first time I've actually used tarot cards every day in more than a decade
  • while I am reading what the author has to say about the imagery and meanings of the cards, I'm taking it to another level by actually researching imagery and symbolism on my own and not only am I discovering additional information about the symbols the author does discuss, I'm also finding information on the symbols he doesn't and making connections between symbols that I wouldn't have made before the IDS
  • I'm focussed on one aspect of tarot instead of splitting my focus on books and methods and other decks and not really making headway on anything

I'm sure there are other things that I'm forgetting at this exact moment.

I can understand why some people are having difficulties with their IDS. It's not easy. But then again the worthwhile things usually aren't.

As for negativity, most of what's been posted that has been negative was self-directed negativity by the person who posted it. I think as a group we've done a great job at being positive and supportive of one another. And unlike many threads around here, we've managed to stay pretty much that way for almost two months now! For that alone I think we all deserve praise.

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Same here on the negativity -- I think it's mostly just people openly expressing their struggles. Personally, I tend to post more when I'm struggling or questioning and am seeking expertise or support. But when things are going well, I don't feel such a need to speak up, and I suspect that it's the same for a lot of people. Since I know this of myself, I try to balance myself by making an effort to contribute supportive posts every once in a while.

MY IDS is going well. I took stock of my situation this morning, at one month in and perhaps two to go (if I make it that long), and I still have many cards that I haven't drawn or studied. Although my passion for the deck may be waning just a little (due to temptations toward other decks), I still want to continue. I'm not done learning from the Thoth.

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I didn't really see anything as negative, either. I think sometimes, when people post their struggles, it helps others who may be having the same problem. I can certainly understand why some have chosen to drop out. It's a personal choice and maybe when circumstances are different they may take the challenge again. OR, they learned what they needed to and that's it.

I am really enjoying the IDS. While I'm not doing a card a day or looking at the cards as often as I originally intended, I am only using this deck for study, readings, etc. It's really helped me not to flit around so much If that's all I learn during this time, then that's good enough for me.
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I hope my posts here weren't seen as negative. I'm really enjoying the study and getting a lot out of it. Some kind of process or dynamic (having to do with temptation, restriction, focus, discipline, acceptance) was set in motion by making the commitment to focus on one deck and I've found the process itself as interesting as what I'm learning about the deck.

Although I've given myself permission to look at other decks (but not read with them) I haven't felt the need to over the past few days. I'm actually enjoying the intensity of focus.

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