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"Sepulchre" by Kate Mosse. 04-01-2008

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"Sepulchre" by Kate Mosse. 04-01-2008

I know this title has been mentioned before but I just got the April 2008 issue of Costco magazine. Ggoes on sale April 1, 2008, at Costco stores everywhere.

Quoting the magazine's promo blurb: "In 1891, a teenage girl discovers a rare tarot deck at her uncle's estate in southern France. Decades later, a present-day biographer sees an image from the deck that bears her likeness, leading her to the very estate where the cards were discovered and in the midst of a heated battle between good and evil."

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I read it bogiesan. It was a not bad story but I thought it went off the deep end a bit. I will be interested to read your review. I do not want to say much until you have read it.
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I want this book, but I've heard some not good reviews about it. But still it sounds like a book I'd enjoy. I look forward to your review too.
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I was just notified that my copy had shipped from Amazon. Interesting that it got picked up by CostCo.
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I wanted to read this book too. I loved Mosse's 'Labyrinth'!

I know the book will take a while to get here, but i'll wait anyway

Any other reviews are welcome, as i'm curious of what others think!
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