Tarot of the Crone-Emperor

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Tarot of the Crone-Emperor

The Emperor is giving me all sorts of trouble.

When I look at it, I see a tower-unwavering, strong, and powerful. The people at it's base do not seem empowered at all. The card gives me the impression of a person who stands alone. One who has gotten prestige and power, but at the expense of those around him. Though he may have power over people, he doesn't seem to have their respect.

In the book it says the people at the base are supporting it-yet, they look beaten down and collapsed to me, unable to support anything?
Is the Emperor being worshiped by the people at it's base? I can't make sense of the book's definitions, I'm clearly missing something very important. Any insight would be appreciated.

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Hi Disa,

I pulled this card yesterday and I've been having trouble with it too.

I haven't meditated with this one yet and maybe when I do I'll get some more insights into it.

The people supporting the monolith seem almost to blend into each other, to become the earth, the ground, the thing that supports the central pillar, without them it would fall down. It almost appears to be growing from them...
I think this is an important message of this card, without the support of the people The Emperor will fail so no matter how much power he has, no matter how far above the mere mortals he is, he needs their support or he can't do his job. He must be a fatherly, kind Emperor or the support will go away.

I think the poem that goes with this card points to that too:

f you think
Your single life matters
You are wrong

What matters
Is the Great Plan
What matters
Is how you may serve

Here's an image of the card with some text from the deck author: http://www.croneways.com/major4.html
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