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Dream Inspirational Cards Study Group, Card 22 Constructing

What's this card about, I wonder?

Fabricating your own reality or identity?
Reinventing yourself?
Making stuff up?
Turning dreams into reality?
Making others conform to your reality?
The planning stage of a project, or lots of dreams but little action.
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You know I have had this card come up quite a few times...and every single time it meant something completely different!

It's a very logical card to me. Maybe the most logical in the whole Dreamscape!

I do often think of creating things, but not creating from original ideas...more like organization, and planning with tools, and things that are already "set in stone"

But I like the little dolphin! He says..."come play", even though it looks like it's all work work work, and logical, unemotional, intellectual puzzles to be solved first.

The cube reminds me of both a Rubiks cube and a slide puzzle...I was never really good at either of those!

I was told it was because I don't possess the "math" gene...I never was really good at anything mathematical or factual, or any puzzle or task that involved repetition.
And this card feels like all those things to me!
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It's funny how much closer you look at cards with threads like these isn't it? Before i couldn't really make sence of it, and although I'm still not seeing alot of sense, I am seeing things that i didn't before like the "rubik's beeing the only thing in black and white yet everything else is in colour to me it says "life is the big puzzle" sort of thing and is telling you to get your life sorted before starting any other projects. The Dolphin is probably just a symbol of life itself as the "person" is made up of building blocks and doesn't look real but life is coming out of one of those blocks in the form of the Dolphin. This part of the card is like saying you aren't just a construction, you have lifeforce inside you and need to make your own mind up about things and make your own decisions and not just to go along with what others want all the time.

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oooh! I like what you say here Paul!

"life's just a big puzzle" and

"you aren't just a construction"

Both are great phrases, and really work for me!
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ana luisa 

A tough card for me to read. I tend to concentrate more on her arms and head. Is she building herself or deconstructing ? Why is the house tumbling down? If the dolphin means play, which I agree completely, she may be going through a complete change , from colors (fun but unstable) to the more solid black and white block. It's a process card and whether the body is undoing or not, will largely depend on the feel while reading. It also reminds me a lot of that drawing (Escher, perhaps) of a lady unpeeling like an orange...
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Here's some thoughts I'd written in my tarot journal about this card. (I'd drawn a few cards in that reading though. Constructing was only one of them.) Maybe it's helpful? lol

constructing seems sort of god-like. one blue block is the ocean with a dolphin leaping... another block or two has everyday life in a neighborhood. there are so many other blocks, universes. it seems sort of like an empress card to me. i wonder if it's supposed to say make something (like a career or money or just something in general) because that's kind of not the main feeling i get out of it. more like everything is a small part of something else. and i love how there's more blocks coming out of her head. universes of the mind.

i guess these cards could mean my spiritual practice and intuitive talents [indicated by the other cards] are building up to something.

it could say, i should be building something practical. i get a stronger feeling the constructing card is saying everything is connected though. it's like the grounding element (material earth and sea, nature) between two very spiritual/psychic cards.

from booklet: constructing - innovative ideas, marriage, profitable activities. r. inconclusiveness, separation, sighing.

another thought for constructing: very few self-contained systems and even they aren't really. order on one hand, chaos, free-floating creations on the other. is god also a construct? creative force is feminine. still can't make out what's in the top right corner. each individual contains and creates universes.
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