Rainring Masterclass 5 set 6 card 51: Vibration / Freedom

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Rainring Masterclass 5 set 6 card 51: Vibration / Freedom

51. Vibration / Freedom: group – self (6 yellow)
The Image

A woman, perhaps aged between 35 and 40, is pictured setting out the market stall on which she sells jewellery. She herself wears a number of items, apparently of her own manufacture or at least from her stock, together with a simple, well-cut orange dress. Her expression suggests concentration. This is clearly someone who looks after her appearance, in addition to which she radiates prosperity and self-confidence.

The vibrative function

The vibration function is that which promotes the power or authority of the self. It is associated with the solar-plexus chakra, which has a yellow colour, and in Rainring is seen as having female energy. Vibration is the set 6 card which, because it belongs also to group 6, has a double dose of self (6) energy. In the bi-polar octagon, the position opposite to yellow is occupied by brown, so that vibration is polarised to quest-ion? In other words, vibration involves reinforcing the status quo of the self, whilst quest-ion? seeks to extend it, or ultimately to extend beyond it.

The meaning

Like thought, intuition and the rest, vibration is a faculty that we all exercise and require. You are concerned here not only with self-promotion, but also with self-integration. Your approach to the world is to consider how situations, people and events are going to affect your personal identity. It is the clarifying, preservation and development of this identity that is your principal concern. This makes you reluctant to engage emotionally with people, and in relationships to prefer either a pragmatic, practical form where you do things together, or if sexual, then sensual but not involving strong feelings.

The above is a portrait of the vibration-function type; when this card comes up in a reading, it will refer to a situation where you are taking this kind of approach, acting in a similar fashion. You will probably also have some mother-energy in play here, but of the domineering kind. You are not taking any risks in relation to others; you will not favour conjugal relations if these involve any sacrifice of your personal autonomy. Vibration in an intimate relationship might well be two young, single professionals who will share sex and meals out, but not a home life or plans for marriage or children. Whatever its downsides, vibration indicates that you are not dispersed but centred, pursuing whatever is to your advantage.
The place of freedom

Freedom is an essential pre-requisite for the flourishing and development of the individual self. Where an individual lacks freedom, it becomes the central goal and obsession of their existence to obtain it[2]. This is not merely true of the inmate of a Siberian labour camp, or a young woman forced into an arranged marriage, but of the world’s children. Every healthy child aspires to be an adult, and to take control of their own destiny. Finally, there is also the inner issue of the need to free oneself psychologically.

The meaning

The card freedom is going to appear in Rainring in relation to your conditioning. You are like all of us in having psychological blocks: things you can’t do or say or look at or cope with because you do not have the requisite inner freedom. The restrictions imposed by others became restrictions that you imposed on yourself; once you became aware of that, you wanted to be free of them.

This card can have an outer reference: for example to a work situation in which you have escaped, or wish to escape from control at work. It could be about a conjugal relationship where you are feeling or have felt stifled and have got, or want to get out… and so on. Equally, the reference may be to something inner: like freeing yourself from rules of behaviour which your parents, social group or religion implanted in you, and which you have come to find intolerable. Issues involving freedom can also be less dramatic: perhaps you want your spouse to look after the kids on Tuesday evenings so you can be free to start a drawing class.

There is no absolute freedom: you are not free to murder people, just because you would feel frustrated if prevented from doing so. The boundary of your freedom is the point at which it would limit mine, and vice versa. This card may well be a teacher for you, for example in the case of freedom reversed, since we are never aware of every way in which we lack inner freedom.

Divination summary

inner or outer freedom, individual decisions, personal autonomy, self-centred action, de-conditioning, focus on one’s own advantage; self-assertion, breaking out of inner or outer restrictions, gaining personal space; doing what you truly wish to do, refusing the restrictions and taboos imposed by society, religion, ethnic group etc.
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