Rainring Masterclass set 6 card 53 Conjugation / Play of Love

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Rainring Masterclass set 6 card 53 Conjugation / Play of Love

53. Conjugation / Play of Love: group – conjugation (8 magenta)

The Image

A young man and woman and a small girl, all smiling, are riding some horses on a fairground carousel. The man, who wears a dark blue shirt and green trousers, is reaching across to touch hands with the woman, who wears a red dress. Their daughter, riding slightly behind them, wears a sky-blue dress and holds some candy floss. A fourth horse is just visible in the background. There are also banks of lights in bright colours.

ConjugationThe conjugation function

Again, in magenta we are in the future. Conjugation at present is not an independent colour of the visible spectrum, or a chakra centre of the human body. Outwardly, it represents the balance point between the male pole of one individual and the female pole of another. Conjugation here refers to a particular type of attraction: between the spirit vibration of one person and the will vibration of another. This expresses itself as a complementary relationship – the will person absorbs spirit energy and the spirit person, will energy. The result is a relationship in which there is a blend of the two. Conjugation function exists in all of us (not only in heterosexuals), but if you are a conjugation-function person, you will have a particularly intense orientation towards this. It will be your central preoccupation, not only in terms of search for a suitable partner, but equally in the priority you give in your inner life to balancing your spirit and will energies.

The meaning

The conjugation situation is an emotional one, this emotion being always there, even when in the background, in the unconscious. You and your partner feel driven, despite the challenge involved, towards bridging the gap that separates you. You experience moments of psychific[1] completion, then lose them again. Conjugation is an experience of communication, but with a strong emphasis on the feeling aspects – it is not at a distance, but close in and hands-on! In conjugation, you will be ion touch with your soul, your unconscious core. Your reaction to the pressure on your self will be to seek for ways to control your experience – to limit its intensity and ability to de-stabilise you. You will also resist anything which would change the status quo between you and your partner. This card can also refer to more low key instances of spirit-will interaction, such as might happen during a business meeting or on a train, and may not even involve sexual elements, or one-on-one encounters

Internally, conjugation involves issues of energy flow between crown and root chakras – violet and red. It then refers to spirit-will tensions experienced within your own psyche. This is likely to involve identity issues, with your attempt to accommodate the two poles within yourself by developing the weaker one, and to re-balance yourself after each new amplification of your psyche. This kind of disturbance and instability, therefore, may well occur in tandem with an actual relationship with another person. But this is not necessarily so. The card conjugation can also relate to these inner male-female energy issues, even though you do not have a conjugal partner at a particular moment in your life.

Play of LoveThe place of Play of Love

The appellation ‘play of love’ makes clear that this love is not a thing, somehow tangible and fixed, but an energy movement, a dynamic and a compendium of different elements. The phase of longing gives way to that of the myriad feelings and inner states associated with ‘being in love’, or with the subsequent longer-term relationship which develops out of that initial, euphoric period.

The meaning

You are experiencing the emotions associated with conjugation – with having a sexual and spiritual partner. The full range and amplitude of these emotions will never feature in a casual sexual encounter, in a friendship, or where you have feelings which are not reciprocated. Conjugation is a two-way street. In Play of Love, as well as joy, delight, exhilaration, hope, contentment and love, you will also experience anger/rage, fear/terror, grief, despair and even hate. In other words, you will be prey to a whole kaleidoscope of emotions, and you will need your spirit side, with its ability to reflect, appraise, discern and analyse, to support you on this roller coaster.

Finally, among the many lesser reasons you might have for seeking to live out this drama, such as relief from loneliness, conformity to social norms, security and so on, there is always the central goal or ‘holy grail’ of union with the other – of a transcendence of self which takes you to a higher (i.e. more complete) level of being. We cannot avoid this path, for it is written into the fundamental instructions for the human psyche – what we could think of as the psychic DNA.

Divination summaryCONJUGATION: conjugal relations, being in love, seeking psychic wholeness through love; will-spirit issues between individuals; seeking inner male-female balance, opening up to both poles of your psyche; PLAY OF LOVE: joy, euphoria, exhilaration, emotional tension, instability, turmoil, urge to control the latter; attempt to overcome loneliness and longing.

[1] psychific = of the psyche
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