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best book that comes in a set

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best book that comes in a set


I was wondering if you anyone has bought a book and deck set and read the book and thought it was so much better than the other books that come in sets. To me alot of the books that come with the sets seem to rehash the same information and wondered if there were others that found one book in a set to be exceptional. My fav for new and different info is the Pagan 2000 tarot the book is full of poetry that is really lovely and tells about the cards in the deck. I would love to here others opinions.

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I highly recommend the Tarot of the Spirit book/deck set. The book is 400+ plus pages, and not only goes into great details on each card (4-6 pages per card), but is very inspiring and educational. The author is Pamela Eakins. For each card, there is a section on divinatory meanings, a meditation poem, and symbolism. The deck and book show a lot of influence from the Qabalah, and is a truly uplifting work.
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The Cosmic Tribe is good. Not only is the symbolism of the cards explained, but you are then prompted with questions to reflect on to better understand the cards.

I also really liked the Celtic Dragon, and Legends book and deck sets.

Love & Light,
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ive only got rider waite and faerie oracle..the rider waite book..well, leaflet is ok, hardly one of the best.

the faerie oracle book is amazing, i love it. although tarot books dont generally 'look down on you' as such, the ferie oracle book is written in a far more informal, chatty way and really does seem like someones talking to you as an equal. this might be because the person that wrote the book didnt actually do the cards..i dont know. but its wonderfully written.
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Yes, Hush, the book that comes with the Faeries' Oracle is wonderful and beautiful...

Another lovely book is the one that comes with the "Druid Animal Oracle" by P & S Carr-Gomm. It is also hardback, with a multitude of interesting and "useable" correspondents in the back and front of the book.

Also I love the little hard back book that somes with my "Goddess Card Pack" by Juni Parkhurst, that I ordered from a book club (not listed anywhere on the net!).
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Explore > Wonder < Repeat
Join Date: 05 Aug 2001
Location: Northbrook IL / Woodland Valley Ranch AZ - USA
Posts: 994

Just thought of some other good book/deck sets:

- Wheel of Change tarot, by Alexandra Genetti: 400+ pages book with lots of insights by the author/artist, which goes into many tangents in describing the symbolisms and influences on the cards. Beautiful deck as well, a great mix of the modern and the mystical.

- Alchemical Tarot, Robert Place and Rosemary Ellen Guiley: 176 page book, featuring a well-researched history of the Tarot and the author's inspirations to create this deck. The card descriptions are both educational and inspirational.

- Ancient Egyptian Tarot, by Clive Barrett: 160 page book, providing excellent details on the Egyptian themes behind the cards as well as how these themes relate to traditional Tarot symbolism. Hard to find this set, but I believe it is being republished later this year (yeah!).
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totally with you on the book thing--it's more important than some distributors seem to think...
my picks:
--any of the creations by Brian Williams, including the book he wrote for Michael Goepford's Light and Shadow Tarot. anything he does is an education--always worthy.
--any of Robert Place's creations. also very scholarly.
--The Celtic Wisdom Tarot; the book is illustrated, hardback, and textuallly complete, IMO.
--Legend: The Arthurian Tarot; this book stands alone as a nifty guide to Arthur, et al., because of the stories given for each of the 78 cards.
--Robin Wood Tarot: The Book; yes, i know this book doesn't come with the deck, but it should! as a set, it would make a great gift for a beginner. i don't use this deck, though i like it well enough; however, i learned oodles from the book.
--Wheel of Change Tarot; rife with information. a seriously chunky read.

okay, that's all (for now...)
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Russian Tarot of St Petersberg! The book is written by Cynthia Giles.
It's not a set with the cards but the book itself has a very detailed history of Russia and gives insight to the symbology used
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Greenman  Greenman is offline
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the 'Magickal Tarot' comes with a book by Tony Willis which is absolutely terrific (i love his tarot writings).
and the book that comes with the 'Enchanted Tarot' is very cool, very different and fun to read.
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One of my favs is the book to the Wicca Pack by Sally Morningstar (ok, not a tarot deck), it does not only explain the cards but offers meditations, reciepies, Wiccan background information,etc all in a nicely done book with colourprinting.

Nice to look at and I think I will have a lot of fun with this book and the cards.
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