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since the master said "look at older threads", here is the mother of all...


PS: i have never tried that one. I am just a three-card fake tarot reader with no psychic abilities ;-)
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Aura Wolf 

I'm going to use this Great spread!
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I'm off to use it right now to read for a friend and her new love interest. Looks like it will be very insightful!

Update: I have to say it WAS very insightful! Thanks for sharing!
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When I tried the spread all I said was WOW. It is definatly a good easy to read spread. I did get to practice it more, and I really enjoyed using it; thanks again for posting it...!!!...
I'll probably use this one quite frequently...!!!...


Analisa )O(
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I've enjoyed this excellent spread for some time now. It's a shame it ever drops out of sight as we get new people on the forum all the time. It was good of you to bump it up, Kissa, but my question is: can it become a sticky?
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"Can it become a sticky?"

In the interest of showing no favoritism, I'm afraid not. The material itself is not pertinent to using and/or understanding the Spreads' forum. Also, it is not deemed necessary reading for every user of this forum.

I recommend others subscribe to it, or simply copy it for reference. It's a great spread. I've only used it a few times, and never for myself. I find it complex.
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I understand. Thanks for the explanation:-) And thanks again for bumping it up, Kissa. Hopefully it will enjoy a long life of being resurrected now and again.
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Originally posted by Umbrae
Right hand column (top down)

Left hand column (top down)

Center Column (top down)
1) Why do you read Right Column Person 2 first vs. Left Column Person 1? Please excuse my ignorance as I'm only a beginner. Most Relationship Spreads read for Person 1 first, then Person 2.

2) Although a Beginner, I can usually interpret my cards with most spreads. Tarot help soothe my wounds from a recent relationship which hurt my soul deeply with many months of sobby and sleepless nights. This morning I tried Umbrae's Relationship Spread for the 1st time, and find it difficult to interpret, including my own Left cards, and comparing Left / Right to Center cards. If anyone may help shed some light ... many thanks!

6 Wands-------------2 High Priestess--------------8 Cups
7 Swords------------7 Wands---------------------2 Cups
8 Wands-------------6 Pentacles------------------9 Cups
---------------------3 Wands
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I dunno…I just as a matter of habit, begin by discussing ‘the other person’ first, then ‘bringing it home’ to the sitter, and ending with the relationship itself (which is an independent result of the dualism of a relationship).

Right off the get go, looking at your spread we see two very different sets of wants/needs backgrounds…three cups on the right (the other person), and air and fire with you.

There is a lot of tension on different levels of the relationship because you are both looking for something different than what you currently have.

If I were a gambling man, I’d bet that the other person came into this relationship on a rebound.

The sexual aspects have been overshadowed by control issues (they try too hard sometimes, and you just gotta do it your way). So the whole think has ended up as adversarial – yet there is so much room for growth.

Could be really good, unless it continues to be ‘over managed’.
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Home Run

I just used this spread for a friend. Her husband travels a lot and she's concerned about their relationship. They have the usual stresses: job, kids, plus a house remodel that has them all living in one bedroom (arg!).

The spread was very revealing: all her suspicions are in her head. As isolated and dragged out as she feels, he feels just as on top of the world and supported! Her husband not only relies on her to provide stability, but he needs to know that she's his partner, because the changes they're going through have him concerned as well. In the probable outcome position, we found that he's going to get news of a job offer, and it's something he's been waiting to hear about. A few more cards drawn indicated that it will bring him the money and status he wants, but it will involve just as much travel, so he's been reluctant to tell her about it.

All this elicited an "ah ha ..." response from her. She later confirmed with him that he is indeed waiting to "officially" hear about a promotion -- he hadn't revealed this before, because ... it involved more travel than he has to do now.

Most excellent spread, Umbrae ... many thanks!
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