02/09 Two of Cups


"The prettiest girl, I ever saw, was sippin' ci - der through a straw..."

A lovely tea for two on a love seat. The hearts on the chests remind me of Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls (at least, mine had hearts on their chests), the inseperable pair. Speaking of inseperable, I just noticed that they actually seem to be joined. Their arms don't look to be overlapped, but to be one arm. Graham says they are "overly involved with each other." Perhaps they are unaware that they have fused together. If they do not become more concious of their seperate identities, then when they finally seek to fulfill the personality needs that can't be met by the other it may indeed feel like tearing off a limb; but if they do not, then they will become a pale, undernourished version of the selves they were meant to be. Graham says they are "open to new experiences", but it seems only experiences they can enjoy together. That fused arm is off-putting to any third party. The mask and the "dead" eyes exclude others who might enrich them and color their enviornment. The white all around could mean they are on cloud nine; oblivious to their surroundings, but could also indicate that their landscape has become overly homogenized and featureless. The heady emotions they are drinking in and the rapport they are sharing make this a wonderful moment, but should not become so distracting that they are not prepared to go on to the three.
Practically, today this would be my son and I. Last night I was reading James Thurber short stories aloud to him, and we stayed up late watching Monty Python DVD's. This morning was the intricate ballet of synchronizing our activities so that everything that needs to be done is finished by the time he leaves for school. This is greatly facilitated by the tranquilty that our emotional harmony affords.

Graham says: "We see a couple detatched from the outer world, overly involved with each other. There is a mutual exchange of emotions. Their relationship has taken on a new dimension, and they are open to new experiences."
Divinitory meaning: "The Two of Cups represents a new level of friendship, an affinity of love and harmony."
Reverse meaning: "Locked in a bad relationship, denial."


beautiful Galadrial.

Their just in the little own universe. But still they drink from different cups. They are together but the still need different water ( emotions, inspirations etc) They both need other "drinks" as much as they need eachother.
Like the big brother of this cards; the lovers, they need to have seperate parts to be fully togeter.


Little Baron

In this card, I see a danger of losing your own identity. It's like the saying 'joined at the hip'; these remind me of previous anti-social relationships that friends have had; the ones that drop everyone they know when they get into a relationship with a new boyfriend or girlfriend. In that sense, it does have echos of the Lovers and there is also the need for balance.



Two of Cups

In most decks this is one of my favorite cards, the image of young love appeals to the romantic in me. This one is no exception, but yet there's also something disturbing about it. I think the artist did a fantastic job of showing both the positive and negative qualities of the 2 of Cups.

Being able to give yourself so completely to another person that you join together is one of the most joyous experiences in life. These two may have gone a little too far; they have created their own little world, but it's empty. They need to find a balance between the safe little cocoon they've created for themselves and the real world.


I had seen the 2 of Cups online a few times, but it wasn’t until I sat down to study the card, that I noticed that they have a mutual arm! This couple is definitely attached to each other ;)!

The two share a seat while drinking from two different cups - the one drinks with a long, fine straw; the other with something that looks more like a tube. So even though they are basically doing the same - that is: drinking from a cup (they probably want to do everything together) -, they are different. I just don’t know whether they fully realize that. It seems as if they are only interested in each other - in fact, there’s not even a background! Everything else has faded away. They have to be careful not to turn this into an obsession.

There are lots of hearts on this card, and I think they are very keen on showing just how much they like each other.

But why are they wearing those strange suits? It just makes me feel that they haven’t gotten to know each other as deeply as the Lovers yet. I also don’t see any eyes - it makes me question how clearly they can see each other (love makes blind?).

I suddenly remembered that the 2 of Cups can also stand for integrating parts of the self – so perhaps the two shown here are really one and the same (shown by the mutual arm). I think it’s great that this card can be interpreted both ways!

galadrial said:
Graham says they are "open to new experiences", but it seems only experiences they can enjoy together. That fused arm is off-putting to any third party. The mask and the "dead" eyes exclude others who might enrich them and color their enviornment.
How true, Galadrial!