08/01 Ace of Cups


I really like this Ace because the coffee cup with the heart looks like it belongs on a messy kitchen counter and makes me think of the potential for expressing our love in the day to day, ordinary give and take of our relationships, however imperfect.
That little wave of water could be the energy inherent in this card, frisking about, wanting us to notice and tap into it. Or maybe it is the result of tapping into it- the emotional wave caused by some act that has suddenly made love visible.


There is a thirst here, a thirst for life and love.


You're able to drink in nice solid gulps of water with a mug vs a glass it's so much more fufilling especially when your really thirsty. You still feel the abundance of water about to overflow in this mug

There's something more weighty in this ace of cups

I do find the aces in this deck to all have a little more "weight" to them