09/09 Judgement


I like the goth-girl angel; reminds me of Neil Gaiman's Death (Dream's sister in his Sandman series), only now that that job is over, she is the new stage manager. Her checkerboard flag pants and horn make me think of the beginning of a race: "ladies and gentlemen- start your engines!" Riding her puffy cloud seems to indicate that those old "boxes" that we were in are ready to fall away and that we will feel lighter, freer, and more expansive than before. I think the baby will become the world dancer, but first he must experience this awakening, this call to a new existence where the sun and moon will still exist, but the struggle to reconcile them will not.

Graham says: "Let us cleanse the theater. A new play has been written and change of costume is taking place. Judgment represents a turning point, a transformation, and a time of self-discovery.
Three people rise from their coffins, called by their new stage manager. They have been hibernating and now the new manager breathes new life into their souls. The yellow woman represents a passive lunar force. The orange man is the active solar force and the gray baby is humanity's reborn consciousness, a result of the union between the moon and the sun. The awakening is upon us , and judgment brings about a major change. We learn new scripts and rediscover metaphysical goals. A dramatic change may open us up to pain, but also brings the feeling of fulfillment that keeps us going. Judgment represents a time of satisfactory conclusion.
Divinitory meaning: Positive change, good health, rewards for our efforts."


galadrial said:
I like the goth-girl angel; reminds me of Neil Gaiman's Death (Dream's sister in his Sandman series), "

Its so funny that you bring up Neil Gaiman Galadrial ( i like him too ). In his childrens book "Coraline" the evil person has button's for eyes.....did he let himself be inspired by the phantasmagoric theater tarot?

Somehow the setting of the three puppets that are awakening make me think of the "mother, maiden, crone" trinity.
Its like al stages of life are present in this card.



This seems to be a pretty straight-forward card for me. I like that the angel is so modern-looking! I also like the sun-guy's stand-up straight hair. And 'humanity's consciousness seems so happy! How adorable.



Little Baron

I have little to add on this one but this is one of my favourite Judgment cards - it just feels so complete and fresh and I also love the goth girl ... and of course, the bald tufty head baby.