1 Petro -- Damballah La Flambeau [Ace of Wands]


Damballah is coiled amidst flames. His gaze is direct and can mean either intense concentration or anger. His fangs are showing (only card in this deck to do so, other than 0 – World Egg).

I like to interpret this card as someone/thing who is “warmed up and ready to play.”  Ready for action, as befits the ace…the beginnings, the spark of energy.



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Water Pixie

Essence of life

For me this card represents the inner fire within us all to keep living. To keep fighting. Fire in the purest form stops for no one and nothing. The snake is to symbolize patience and knowing when to strike at the right moment. Waiting for that perfect moment even though the fire rages within you threatening to consume you. Alternatively, when reversed I feel as though this is strong opposition, or the inner flames being extinguished. I don't like to see this card reversed AT ALL.