1 Santeria -- Olodumare [Ace of Pentacles]


Olodumare (also known as Olorun) is the Great Creator in Santeria. The large eye on the card indicates omnivoyance, omnipotence, omnipresence. Similar to the large eye that is found on the backs of US $1 dollar bills.

The card shows a world being formed by three tears that flow from the eye. These tears are the result of sorrow over the mistakes made in the creation (and eventual destruction) of a previous world. The tears/sorrow are used to build a better world, even as the sadness for the previous world (what used to be) lingers.

The purple in the card  psychic, intuition. There is movement in the purple as well.

The world is a pale green, like the color of new leaves or new grass. Rivers cut across the world and look like veins; veins carry nourishment and medicine throughout the body, as the rivers carry waters across the glove. The rivers are also physical manifestations of Olodumare’s tears (water = emotion).

Could also indicate starting over.

The fertility/birth/world image connects this card to the following in the NOVT:

--9 Santeria -- Yemaya
--2 Santeria -- Olofi
--XVII – Z’Etoile [The Star]
--XIX – Gros Bon Ange [The Sun]


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