1-time January Rune Circle? Plus great Rune threads...


I'd definitely be in!


I have runes but I haven't had a chance to brush them off. I'd like to explore :)


I'd like to join too - see if I can get a grip now I have a rune set I like. :)


I was thinking about this trial rune circle while I was bed sitting my FIL at hospital for last 5 days. It would take some time and effort to build your own emergency tarot deck from found items in a hospital, but to make a set of runes you just need a fairly low number of items you can write on.

As an experiment I kept a running list of ideas. The list is over at home, I'll find it and post it here later. It was fun to think about...

glad to see some interest, two or more is a circle :) so be thinking/practicing/reviewing/fondling runes this month.

Since Arlruna is in, we can safely assume we have moderator ok to try it.


I'm in I can't wait to bring my runes out to learn more about them and myself


I would like to join this circle please!


I would love to do this

I am in!!! woohoo!!!


Cool Beans! and no pressure this busy season :)
Next month we'll welcome something to do.

Barbaras Ahajusts

Oh hey, yeah buddy! I'll sign up for rune exchanges or circles or whatever!