10 of Wands - Compatability???


Hi everyone,
How you you interpret the 10 of wands for compatability for a couple? I using the Mythic Tarot deck. For the life of me, all I can think off is both are hard workers, both wouldn't mind if the other is buried in what ever endeavour they chose which might leave little time for the other?? Hmmm, not sure has me stumped!



I would think that one might become a burden on the other.


If I saw this, I'd just read it that they'd become a burden to each other over time.


Thank you.

Thank you for the input guys. I gues I was trying to see the passivity of the card, as other cards were supportive of the relationship. I did pull a clarifying card, Strenght. So I guess for this relationship to work, strenght will be needed, by one person if not both.


It is true (as other have said) that 10 f wands can include the ''burden'' aspect between two people. However, it could also mean that 2 people are ready to take their own burden as well as the burden of the other, hence they both accept to take responsibility for the couple.

And if both people accept to take on their responsibilities, it will not always be an easy task and a lot of work will be involved.


I see 10/W as burden to the relationship but someone is willing to bear that burden.