10 Petro -- Azaka La Flambeau [10 of Wands]


Azaka La Flambeau smokes his pipe; a couple appears in the smoke, in a sexual embrace.

Not a lot of heat in this card; dark red background, but not much of it seen. More white and smoke, which further underscores the "ephemeral" feeling of this card. Passion may have been the underlying factor, but it won't last.

The couple in the smoke --> creating a relationship built on nothing but passoin (no common interests, etc.)?

Azaka is the farmer --> planting seeds of hope? From a sexual standpoint: propagation of mankind?

It takes effort to produce smoke from a pipe and to keep it going (which ties in with the traditional 10 of Wands meaning of "burden"). Azaka keeps doing it anyway, knowing the smoke won't last --> desperation? A last-ditch attempt to create?

I always read this card as a "pipe dreams" card (no pun intended :laugh:). It refers to something insubstantial that won't last, like smoke. Also, making something out of nothing, though that something is fragile.



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