16/09 Sun


Well, Mr. Sun came up for me today, and I'm happy to see him. He looks so benign and caring, beaming down at the little houses. It seems like such a wholistic card- like all the houses in your chart are glowing and well and filled with sun energy; not just one the sun was in when you were born. I like the striped fields, too. It looks like a lot of effort has gone into cultivating the landscape, and the result is that now the Sun has come out and you can reap the harvest. Is it my imagination, or is there a question mark on his chin? Makes me think of all the dice that abound in this deck. A hint of ''what are you going to do with this optimal enviornment- it won't last forever, you know." In other words, are you going to make hay while the sun shines?


I like the expression on his face. He reminds me of a benevolent daddy watching his kids play. Even the houses are smiling, each one with its own little astrological sign.

That is a question mark on his chin. I'd never noticed it before. I like your interpretation of it, galadrial: now that all this wonderful sunny energy is available to us, how will we use it?

Those striped hills make me think of watermelons, and that takes me back to those lazy childhood summers, no worries, no school, no stress, just munching on cold watermelon slices and spitting out the seeds. Ahh, those were the days. I like this card.


I never befor noticed the question mark on his chin. Thanks for that Galadrial!

This card feel safe like Becky says...like someone ( daddy is watching over you). Its very relxed too. He leans on his elbow's and looks happy/dreamy. Just the happy end of many fairy tales.