16/10 Six of Cups, Bundie


I like this take on the Six of Cups because it is one of my favorite cards to draw in any deck, but for me, it is rarely associated with nostalgia for the past, so it is nice to see the focus shifted to offering emotional support (refreshment, indeed) in the here and now. It is interesting to speculate on how Bundie's train is powered. The lower half of his body seems to be in the death's head covered front of the train. Perhaps his selfless giving overcomes the soul's inertia and the net positive affect moves the train (Chariot) forward. He has passed the Hermit block (with the nine showing) and the big heart block, and is now in the shade of of a generous tree (anyone read ''The Giving Tree", by Shel Silverstein?). In other words, he has done his soul work and been himself nourished with love, and is now in a position to both give and receive easily.

Graham's booklet says: "The Sandwitchers are in need of refreshment. They call upon Bundie, the train driver, who has learned the gift of giving. When it comes to love, we must give in order to receive. Bundie shows us how we can develop our relationships into long-lasting friendship. He is full of good intentions.
Divinitory Meaning: The Six of Cups denotes friendship, gifts, and harmony.
Reverse Meaning: Expecting something for nothing."


Spoonbender asks: Who is Bundie?

Bundie is the Sun!!! Only to me, but under the Bundie sun we all pause for refreshment.

I've been encouraging Bundie to offer soy milk to the Sandtwitchers, because soy stands for Superenergized Occipital Yabbering, and thus it is the great refreshment of communicators. Bundie gives, but he also likes to receive some feedback from folks. After this stop, he plans to visit Polly and drop off a cup of soy for her, so they can discuss the latest take on Phaleas of Chalcedon's contributions to the upswing of the godless communism of Marx. Whew, one of the properties of soy, besides volubility, is a marked increase in discussing touchy political issues. Polly won't know the maelstrom of thought that engulfs her after that first sip.

Once, after sharing a cup of soy with Madame Lola, Bundie was surprised to hear her ruminating about watching an episode of Extreme Makeover, a show that normally she wouldn't waste her precious time on, but she felt determined to view after drinking her cup of soy, in an attempt to become hip to the general culture. Visiting her a few days later, Bundie found that she had barred the door of her home and requested that unless anyone could tell her why Justus Lipsius embraced neo-Stoicism when he could have been collecting the toenails of St. Peter in a local reliquary, they needn't bother knocking. She is still alone in her determined quest for answers, but has just purchased The Love Pack by Chuck Spezzano to sort that one out.

Bundie means well and has the best of intentions, but sometimes people shouldn't be given cups of soy milk.

I had to sew his button back on yesterday when we Shared the Soy and he got a bit fraught with tension explaining Nietzsche to me. Jeez, give a blue fathead some soy and he thinks he knows Apollonian calm and slave morality. Busting his button with fervor and intent, wanting me to understand that soy is the gateway to eternal recurrence, I had to send one of the Sandtwitchers to fetch Doctor Lock, who was enjoying a herring salad at the time and wasn't pleased at the interruption. He got Bundie to see that while soy might enhance one's clarity of thought, it wasn't the Ambrosia of Reason, and if Bundie had a short nap, things would return to their proper perspective. I then sewed his button on with some variegated rainbow-coloured rayon thread and he was quite happy after that.

So, Bundie rides his death's head train, harmoniously toodling about looking for people to give to and hoping for a chat about mandalas which will develop into a long-lasting friendship and possible organic soybean farming venture. You can see by the number 3 on the die, that even if Bundie has half the fun, he's cheerfully going places, double or nothing.


Who is Bundie?

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Who is Bundie?

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