1st aett


quoting kiama here:
Freya's Aett:

Feoh, Uruz, Thurisaz, Ansuz, Riadho, Kenaz, Gebu, Wunjo.

The Runes of Freya's Aett are concerned with matters of love, achievement, and creative energies.
Those of Freya's Aett tend towards more comfortable achievement.
These Runes also serve as a reflection upon the other Rune to give clarity to the immediate situation. This Aett is named after Freya, because the first Rune in it is said to have been derived from the name Freya...
going to see if this is indeed the general "thing" you can capture these 8 runes in now we have gone over them :), maybe there is more, or different.



i had the most trouble fitting raido into freya's aett. although it does have to do with acheivement and creative energies (by way of the process), being of a cyclical nature, and representing journey, i kept thinking it would best fit in tyr's, "spiritual attainment and growth". then i reread that freya's aett "also serves upon the other rune to give clarity to the immediate situation". "the movement through space and time" would seem to help clarify any other rune.


I agree with Zorya: I think Raidho is more difficult to fit in here than the other 7... To me, it is a very Chariot card like Rune, and tends towards achievement and progress much like the Runes of the Third Aett do....

Thurisaz I also have a job trying to fit in here... But when you take into account the act of creation in Norse myths and its relevance to teh race known as the Thurs, you can kinda see a connection...

I read somwhere that all of these Runes do have some link to the Norse Creation Myth... Maybe I'll get back to you on it later...



Raidho as a process

Raidho as a rune of ‘journey’ whether physical or spiritual is expressed as is a spiral, as opposed to cyclical. Cyclical indicates that you will come back to where you started. Raidho is a process…each time you come back…you are further out. It is about the journey of growth (“It is the process of the long ride of a long journey of growth.”)…space, and time.



:( oh dear! cycles like a spiral, i knew that, (i really did).
*zorya moves to the back of the class*