1st reading with Fey deck...


I did the three card spread at the back of the fey book



1&3 are on an angle

1. dream - what you can perceive by using the deck

2. joy - the happiness that can be attained

3. magic - what can and will be - if I believe in the deck

1. 4 of swords
2. 7 of wands
3. 9 of pentacles


My take:

4 of swords - by using this deck I will be able to see the strength, confidence and determination that must be used to face our fears - I will be able to see that the querent (or myself) is ready to face their next battle on their journey - this is a battle that they themselves truly believe in -

7 of wands - to find the joy and happiness within this deck - I need to stay guarded - I need to allow myself to understand that there is happiness within each card - I need to pay attention to the little things in each card that remind me of happiness and joy

9 of pentacles - I will find the magic within the deck as I keep in mind and remind the querent and myself that what some things along our journey are inherited - we did not create all our problems although we do need to find a way through all our problems

any comments....



took me a while to understand this spread when I first got the deck- not sure if I still fully get it, thanks for the practice ;)

that sounds like the Fey! They are a direct & noisy bunch.
the 4 of swords is very ready and prepared, some how the delightful nature of the fey makes fear seem trivial. Here we go into use of the Fey for facing fear in a welcoming fashion (half the battle-) The 7 of wands, just echos the 4Sw. I see this Fey as the defender of your dreams(the lightbulb tree). She chases away the negitive things that try and disturb the tree. The 9 of Pent, the Magic of emergance, becoming what you {or querent} want to be. This fey has aquired her dreams and now enjoys living it.
She did not 'just get there', she was given what was neccissary to work with and created it from there.


Exercize and Hint

- actually this is true of most "triangular" spreads.

You are given to perceive the spread with an "up" and a "down".
Like a pyramids. But that's just an illusion.

Try turning the triangle around.
Dream, Joy and Magic

Dream + Joy = Magic
Joy + Magic = Dream
Magic + Dream = Joy

In a triangular spread the interconnessions between the three elements may be used and played with... to some interesting results (especially if You combine the parent/child exercise proposed later).





thank you both for your comments -

Luna - it took me awhile to figure out how I wanted to interpret this particular 3 card spread - I don't know if that was the way it was supposed to be interpreted - I guess it doesn't really matter

Thanks again to you both,


Hi WhichyWomyn,

Glad you got this deck. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.



The Dream Joy Magic Spread

Actually, isn't the dream joy magic something like this:
1 2

1: Dream, what you want
2: Joy, What you have and therefore should be happy about
3: Magic, What you can do to acheive your dream

I do not have the book set, this spread is from the little book from getting just the deck


expanded breakdown

Shapeshifter said:
I do not have the book set, this spread is from the little book from getting just the deck

here's the meanings as they appear in the companion book-

DREAMS> all the energies that are the limit of what we are capable of perceiving, what could happen. Possibilities & opportunities, ability to withdraw from the real, oppressive, and limited world for a moment and learn wisdom & understanding on this journey.

JOY>reasons for being joyful & happy. Remove all other influences & concentrate on the present moment of happiness. The reason for joy emerges from obscurity, drowning the heart in tears of joy

MAGIC>the world of Fey, which we need to come into contact with in order to use this deck properly. Who are the Fey? 'being’ opposed to ‘having’- now opposed to then. What can & what will be if one believes strongly enough, the possibility of what might happen.