2 of Pentacles


I have recently re-discovered this deck and have been spending a lot more time with the cards. I unfortunately don't have the book at this stage and I'm a bit lost with some of the symbolism in the 2 of pentacles card. I see the traditional meaning of juggling finances, trying to balance things....but am totally lost with the flying boat/birds. Just wondering if anyone can help out? Also I notice that the moon is full and the clown make-up, but not sure why. And is the feather in her hat the fools feather? I get a lot from this card myself but I feel like there's so much more to it that I'm missing. I definitely think I need the book but unfortunately budget doesn't allow it right now. Thanks for any help with this.


Hi sapienza, here's what is said in the book that I quickly found. The red feather is the feather of courage but unlike the fool this girl knows exactly what she's doing. She is dressed like a performer as she has chosen to perform hence the makeup.

Behind her are the ships of her imagination, shaped like birds to show their kinship with air and spirit. The full moon means its a time of magic anything is possible.

I can thoroughly recommend the book for this deck, it's outstanding for the symbolism.

Anything else let me know I'll look it up for you.


Thanks SO much for your quick reply. There is so much symbolism in the cards and I know I read somewhere that every thing in every card has a meaning so the book is definitely on my wish list. Thanks for your offer though, I'll let you know if I have any questions in the meantime.

Thanks again.


I haven't the book but what I wrote about this card is pretty similar of what had been said. The boat in the sky seems more of a toy for me. And the cloud seems to represent the heights she is from the ground.


If one starts with the Pentacle court cards, following Robin's book in sequence, the "2 of Pentacles" is the first card that veers from the other cards in overall coloring and the definite rooting to the ground. In fact, the figure in this card is literally up in the air, above the clouds, as she walks a tightrope. Also different from the other cards is the feeling of movement in the 2 of Pentacles: The girl is not standing still on the tightrope, but moving skillfully along the rope (she can't stay up there forever, after all!) AND the magical bird/ships are gliding effortlessly in view of her, not worrying her in the least. Actually, the figure is rather androgenous-looking to me, tho' Robin does mention that she is a female.

Because this card is so different from the Pentacle cards described in the book before it, I appreciated how Robin described the girl as, "...out of her element, out of complete contact with the earth. And yet, she is still in complete control." When this card shows up in a reading, I'm reminded that we're often presented with situations out of our comfort zone...out of our element, so to speak. And yet, if we remain calm and prepare ourselves as best as possible to handle what comes our way, the best outcome has a good chance of occurring...in any case, certainly a better outcome than if we panicked or were oblivious to that which is around us.

The girl looks quite calm, despite the "work" she is doing...work she, herself, has chosen to do as a performer in costume and it's evident she has mastered the skills needed to do what she's showing her "audience" (we, being that audience). If she panicked, it's obvious what would happen in her line of work.

Like a few of the other cards in this Tarot deck, this one speaks of the importance of balance in one's life. This fact is further emphasized via the lemniscate, symbol of infinity and wisdom, since it's shown as pure, live energy surrounding the pentacles the girl is holding/juggling. The balance spoke of here is such that is necessary to pay attention to from beginning to end and incredibly important...if the balance gets tipped, things will go off-kilter in possibly a dangerous way. If this gal loses concentration, down she will go. Therefore, when I see this card, I'm reminded that this kind of balance is dealing with something truly serious (could be anything from addiction to general health to anything of the utmost importance in the life of the querant or the person he/she is asking about), and if the balance is lost, something precious will be lost (and not necessarily a material object(s).)

The ships/birds are a very positive presence in my opinion. It's almost as if they are guardians, making sure she is paying attention and staying on course. I can almost see them swooping to her rescue should she fall, protective and loving. Therefore, if I SEE them as I do a reading, I'm often made aware that this person is not alone and has people who care about him/her.