2 of swords - Male of Female ?


An odd question perhaps but still. In most of my decks the two of swords is a woman who holds the sword in some fashion. There are also some decks were we simply get to see the face of a woman but since thats not related to RW I'm not going into details.

I spotted the card, I looked at it and even despite the robe and long hair I wonder. The facial characteristics really do not look feminine to me. The somewhat squared shaped face simply portraits this as male.

So I wonder.. what do you think?

Mystic Leo

Hi Lion-o, I can see where your coming from, though I think this is female in this deck......note the hands and feet, the feminine body shape.

The expression, the squared face as you say, I feel is on account of the downturned mouth indicating the meaning in the card! Otherwise I dont think she/he would have squared facial features.

Just my thoughts on it of course!


Robin Wood ment for it to be a woman ...in the book the first sentance under Two of Swords says....The card shows a woman with black hair in a long white gown....