2 Santeria -- Olofi [2 of Pentacles]


Olofi is the manifestation of the power of Olodumare the Creator, and is analogous to Jesus Christ.

A pregnant woman sits suspended among the spirits (which ties in with the traditional 2 Pents meaning of “balance”); she is made from spirit. The worlds and spirits dance around her  creation. She is about to give birth to the world (impregnated by spirit  Mary/Christ analogy).

The woman looks over her right shoulder at the past or future, depending upon your perspective vs. hers.

The indigo background symbolizes the 3rd eye.

I interpret this card to mean that things are progressing in their own time, and to use one’s intuition to determine when to move to the next phase. I also use this card as a possible fertility indicator.

The fertility/birth/world image connects this card to the following in the NOVT:

--9 Santeria -- Yemaya
--1 Santeria -- Olodumare
--XVII – Z’Etoile [The Star]
--XIX – Gros Bon Ange [The Sun]


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