2 seems to be a theme + other coincidences (Am I crazy?)


Sorry if this turns out long! I feel silly voicing all of this, but it's been eating at me and I'm really curious to see if this stands out to anyone else, or if I'm just going crazy. I don't feel I can mention this to family or friends for fear of them thinking I'm nuts...

My ex and I (LDR) split up a few months back and both of us have had a difficult time moving on (in different ways) and I recently noticed that there were a lot of 2's surrounding our relationship.

The relationship was one where we felt like we'd always known each other, always been together. Our first anniversary felt like the 10th. (But maybe that was from all the fights and the fact that all we could do to stay connected was talk)

The events leading to us meeting are so entwined that I honestly believe if anything had been different in that time, we never would have met. Those events also all resolved and came to a conclusion after we became friends. This, and some funny coincidences between us, is what led to me wondering if there was any numerological significance to the 2's I've noticed.

Unfortunately, tarot has given me some confusing answers.

Anyway, the series of 2's I noticed:

-He is 2 years younger than me (a weird side note: from when I was little I always specifically wanted my future husband to be 2 years OLDER than me. Yea that's a weird thing to want as a kid, I know lol.)

-He was my second partner

-I was not his second girlfriend but I was the second person he had feelings for (that I know of, to be fair).

-We split up 2 weeks (16 days) before our 2nd anniversary, which was in Feb. (and I'm not sure this would be relevant but my grandmother passed away 2 days before our first anniversary so it was no longer a date I looked forward to)

-We both flew out to each other 2 times each.

-I flew to him for 2 Xmas (which stands out because initially I had planned to fly to him much sooner in the year than I was able to for that 2nd Xmas)

- There was a difference of 2 years and 2 months between when I started a relationship with my first ex, and this guy. (Dec. 2012 and Feb. 2015)

There are weird little coincidences like my parents expecting me to be a boy and planning to name me the same name as him. His best friend having the same bday as my brother. For the record, my bro and him get along TOO well, they were annoying together lol.

We both entered into our first relationships at 21

His own birthday being less than 2 weeks from both my mothers and fathers (him, my brother, mother, and father all have May bdays)
His mothers bday is days from mine and my other grandmothers.

Both of our mothers have emotional issues (his mother isn't diagnosed so I can't say she has the same thing as my mother, but I believe it's the same illness based on what I've learned in my life with my mother)

Basically there's just a lot of similarity with dysfunction and difficulty in the home and we can both just chill out with our fathers. However, we both handle the situations differently and have been affected differently.

Does any of this seem significant to anyone else, or do I just have my head in the clouds?


welcome to AT ~

you do yourself credit by considering your thoughts as valuable. Good job.

We were married on the 27th, and I've always considered that my lucky lucky number.
My mothers handicapped parking access number is 272727270...which I got for her and keep in my car for example.

that said, I can also bring up the commonalities between the US presidents Lincoln and Kennedy that have amazed and shocked (said in showman's pitch) the world


We can pull commonalities out of all situations if we think long enough, and ignore the things that aren't in common.

Only you and the other partner will know if it meant something..only in hindsight.


I think your intuitive capacity is being stimulated and you're beginning to open. We start noticing coincidences, sequences etc. Start asking for confirmations from spirit and you'll be shown, don't rule anything out.