2007 is here - a new round for the Fairy Seekers!!!


Hi Fae lovers!

As promised, I am setting up a new round for users of the Brian Froud Faery deck. I mention that upfront because of some confusion and disappointment a round or two ago.

How about a New Years reading to let our fae friends give us their advice?

If this is too many cards, feel free to lop a couple off.

Suggested spread (remember you and your partner can change to another one that better answers your personal concerns).

It's 2007!!!!!

1. What should I do more of:

2. What should I do less of:

3. What should I hold onto tightly:

4. What should I discard:

5. What will pleasantly surprise me this year:

6. What will dismay me this year:

7. Advice from the Fae:

Jewel sent me 2 3-card spreads any member could use instead of the 7 card one above: here are the other ways you could do a 2007 Faeries oracle reading:

Name of the Spread: Separating & Bonding
Standard 3 card layout

1. This is what I will be rid of.
2. This is what I will take care of.
3. This is what I will accomplish.

Another alternative, also a 3 card spread from this book (#71, pg. 110) is called The Next Steps:

1. This is important now.
2. I will set this aside for now.
3. This is what I have to take into consideration.

It will be by partners, not a round-Robin. Okay?

Signup until January 9th (a little longer than usual because of Christmas confusion).
Partners posted sometime on the 9th.
Reading times are two full weeks and everything, including feedback, should be done by January 23rd.
I'll post up the next round before this one is over.

Please, please, if you have to drop out, tell me and your partner.



Happy New Year Marion!!!! Our fearless Faerie Seeker leader ~giggles~ ((((Marion))))

Me me me! count me in. Marion I will PM you a spread tomorrow, perhaps we can post it as an alternate spread if this one is too long for people. My apologies for not getting it to you sooner.


Hi Jewel!!!! yay!

Yes, feel to PM an alternate spread. It did occur to me that mine was rather long.

Sorry, now I remember we discussed this before Christmas but everything just evaporated out of my brain. hehe.

xxx M


*Runs into the thread and does a mad jig as the Piper played on his pipes and brought me here* Ok, well not quite the Piper, but our fantastic Marion.

Sign me up and lets get the party of 2007 started lol


inanna_tarot said:
*Runs into the thread and does a mad jig as the Piper played on his pipes and brought me here*
Okay, now I love that energy!!!!


I'll play. I don't go much for oracle packs, but I absolutely fell in love with this one--and definitely want some practise with it!


Welcome mollymawk!


Ok...I think I need to sign up for this.

I'll just be using my own fae ...instead of the Travelling Ones!

(Mine are a bit more laid back!)


That's lovely Chronata.

btw, I listened to the Podcast featuring you. My goodness your voice sounds so much like amyel's.... she is American as well, just living in Canada.