2007 Sabian Symbol Draw


Finally drawn mine :bugeyed:



This is what I put in the study thread:

"Water, cardinal water at that ....... fresh new emotions ...... ships sail across water ...... perhaps the outward shell of our selves as we set off on a new journey? The flags .... make me think of the sails ...... and of the mast ..... however I see this as helping to navigate, to harness the wind (air) in order to move forwards ..... for a new journey, perhaps lowering the old rather ragged one (aka letting go of the old stuff) and raising a new fresh version ........ because to go on a new journey, especially across sea ....... the ragged old one wouldn't be able to flow quite as easily with the air would it? As a mast as opposed to a sail ...... (I think I have the wording right) ..... this would be an emblem signifying who was the owner of the ship ...... again signifying the change of self."

:eek: I don't do *change* :eek: ....... this smacks to me of big change, especially emotionally :eek:

Hmmm I am going across water next year to Crete on holiday. Hoping to go on a catamaran so that's a possibility.

Another thought, a sail instead of an engine ........ hard work needed (yuck) ...... but also in charge of own destiny ....... at the helm?

Ack, can't think of much else with this title :mad: ..... new direction needed maybe?

If anyone has Lynda's book, would they mind letting me know what it says for Cancer 1......... thanks :)


My draw for 2007

Very interesting.


For what isee the message of this symbol is almost like a tower card. From the book: An electrical storm can really wake us up. Sometimes it comes out of the blue, when we are not expecting it. as it approaches there is a strong buildup of energy and things can become stuck and static. There is a feeling of something pending; the tension and promise of a breaking point ocurrying at any minute. As it illuminates the heavens and the forest' it shed flashes of light on the environment or the inmediate situation. It often happens that the cleansing promise of rain is held back momentarily while the elctrical power of the situation seesm to take over everything.
Perhaps during the year 2007 something will be unlished in which i wlil not have any control or influence, it will be caused by natural force in which not one could have control over. From the book This situation most likely change from what it first appeared to be. You may actually have little influence over what is being unleashed. In the mean time there is a need to keep a cool head while observing everything around . Eventually the energy will dissipate and you will regane control. Physically, mentally or emotionally.


This is cool - I don't have my deck with me but I now have all of the cards I created in Orphalese so I used that software to draw a card for 2007.

I drew:


I've attached the card that I created for this symbol.

I'm not quite sure how to interpret this because the symbol is about trying to claim your right as a leader.....when in actual fact, I think it's a role that I'll just fall into, with the recent retirement of a work colleague.

Okay, let me explain....well, I think this is about my 2007 working year. About eight years ago, my organisation amalgamated with another organisation. There are now seven people in my department but five of them (including my boss) are based at another site. The guy that I had been working with for eleven years at this site, retired a fortnight ago after thirty-three years of service. Staff that were employed here prior to the amalgamation, knew him as my boss....but he lost that status in the restructure and we became work colleagues reporting to the same manager. But the perception from some is that he was still the Manager and those same staff are now asking if I will be "boss cocky" now that he's gone.

It will be interesting to see the type of person that replaces my colleague and how he/she will be perceived by the other staff. We are employing somebody at a much lower level than the colleague that left though. Perhaps if we employ an older male - there will be leadership issues between him and I??? And maybe that's what this card is alluding to. I'm actually on the panel and we are interviewing this Thursday.

From Lynda's website:
There are leadership issues in the situation. Sometimes we need to rise to the occasion and take charge, this is one of those times. This may lead to a struggle for control; you may feel that you need to remind those around you of your leadership qualities or those above you are reminding you of your lesser position in the scheme of things. Always know when to give way to the rights of others and you'll be given a stronger position in society.

Assuming authority. Finding a true sense of place. Charisma. Respect. Having to stand up in the crowd. Staking one's claim.

The Caution:
Power struggles. Over-inflated views of one's self.

with love


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can anyone please post a copy of my cards that i pulled? i don't own this deck and used the website for my cards. I would like to see them while I ponder on them for next year. Thanks to anyone who can help :) blessings xx


Sunshine, there is nothing to see on the cards themselves, there is a blue set, one which has each of the zodiac written on ....... and the red set which has a number from 1-30 on them.


Huredriel - I think I wrote about that Symbol in one of the intuitive exchanges we did last month. It was an associated symbol that I got with the The Widow soul cleansed and refreshed and a flag is lowered to half mast, all of these were about change and resolution, making way for the new :)

The Cancer 1 Symbol (from Lynda Hills book ~ Sabian Symbols as an Oracle) relates to: Changing loyalties, Switching sexual preferences, turning points in ones obligations or duties, Announcing new standards. Turning a corner, Getting rid of the old guard, Letting go of old allegiances, taking up new ones. Giving up old ways, Changing bad habits. Taking a position at the helm.

Exciting year ahead! If the ground starts shaking here .. I'll know 'huerdriels put her foot down' .... and ... with hands on hips! :p

Blessings Elven x


Thanks Elven, just found it in email ;) ....... and yes indeedy, you mentioned Cancer 1 ...... shall be re-reading ;) ........... ties in very well actually with one that Marina did in last month exchanges, I got Pisces 8 re. my personal power (and as of today's date - talk about synchronicity)....... the very same person has got in touch, AGAIN!!! Aaarrrgggghhh, talk about testing me :mad: :D


Hi sunshineluvr,

As huredriel explained, there are no images for these symbols, however, some of us have created our own images (kind of like doing our own further study). I've attached the card I created for the symbol you pulled but, it might not mean anything to you, as it's my interpretation of that symbol.

with love


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thanks for all the help guys :)
nice 2 know about the deck, and the picture is lovely. funny i was sketching one for that card as well in black and white though. I think that is how i see law as i think IT SHOULD be.

this will definetly be in my journal for the new year to ponder on. blessings all x


Hi everyone

WOW - what an assorted year we are in for! I wish each and everyone here a prosperous, healthy safe joyful 2007. I hope our paths move along in just the perfect way for us all...