2012... Finally!!


First, Happy 2012 everyone. :D I don't know why but I seem to be getting a very strong feeling that this year is going to be BIG somehow, for each and everyone of us. Maybe because of the hype, but 2012 will be very important and life changing. It's more of a roller coaster feeling with too much happening this year. Can't wait for the ride to begin. :p Anyone else feels that way?


After the dreadful, wretched mess that 2011 came to represent, I was standing there blowing my horn at midnight as loudly as I could last night! :party: My cards predicted 2011 would be less-than-spectacular (and it was!), but they also tell me that this year will bring something totally new - AND I CAN'T WAIT!


Hi Everyone,
2011 was NOT a good year for me or several of my friends and family members. We are all glad to say good bye to that year and HELLO to a new one! My New Year spread looks pretty good except for the Tower card in October. I know that Tower events can be good - they just yank you out of a rut and force you in a new direction. Best wishes to all of you!


Happy New Year!:party:

I'm hoping for a smooth year this year with no nasty bumps or surprises. I also had the feeling that 2011 would never end as it started off pretty badly and didn't get much better. Let's hope this year is blissful:D


Has anyone noticed that time is flying this year. 2011 also flew by quickly. But somehow 2012 is faster. I was speaking to a friend of mine who said the same thing. Time is just slipping through our fingers. This year is going to be super super fast. :D


2011 was a bit difficult for us as well. but, it also had its blessings. my husbands employer had announced in the latter half of 2010 that the business would be sold, and my husband was in a position that would most likely cease to be if he stayed. So, we were very fortunate to find a job for him with a company he worked for in the past, but it caused us to have to move back to VT. not that we're complaining, but its expensive to live here and difficult to maintain two homes at the same time.

However, 2011 was a true blessing as well--because not only did the hubby find a good job, and we came back to a town we dearly love and have many friends here, but I was able to land a fantastic job reading tarot in a store. I got a lot of exposure, met some wonderful people and just overall was able to take advantage of some opportunities that will continue to pay off for me for years to come. :)

2012 came in offering yet more opportunities for us both and while January doesn't seem to be flying by for me yet, it soon will seem like it is. We have a lot going on and the end of January and the month of February will be very busy and fast paced.

I do have a good feeling about 2012 though. I feel like this is the year for both of us to really see some interesting and wonderful things come to us. I can't wait! :D



2011 was rather a blur, especially mid-year which saw my father's accident, decline, and death. It's been a tough road, and I'm happy the wheel has turned.

We're only five days into 2012, so I don't feel it's moving past particularly quickly...at least, not yet. :laugh:

May we all have a year filled with blessings and new discoveries!


Parts of 2011 were a blur to me due to the stress at work which was totally unexpected..for some reason, I welcomed a computer conversion and thought it would be great! Little did I know the preperation took place months before the training, then the training, and we're still dealing with this ridiculous system. However, I made some GREAT friends at the local metaphysical shop and I value their friendship immensly.. As 2011 closed I was thinking it was an OK year- till the home invasion on Dec 30,2011. Now...Since 2012 is here I'm quite glad..but for some reason I have always had an aversion to years that end in even numbers- I don't know why...maybe 2012 will be the greatest year ever... I'm def hopeful that it will be.


Last night I started reading this book - 2012 and Beyond by Diana Cooper. Its quite nice with lovely visualisation techniques and exercises. Has anyone read this book? I tried the Wise elders exercise and found it very helpful and did manage to get a few answers from my guides. I still have this nagging feeling that something BIG is going to happen this year. :neutral:


raeanne said:
My New Year spread looks pretty good except for the Tower card in October
Interesting... I did a business spread recently for someone and the Tower came up for September/October. I'm convinced that we're all going to see a global event during that time...