From what I can see, 2017 is going to be a good year except for one bad event at end of March/beginning of April. I did a month to month spread to the end of June after I saw the ten of swords in my first reading I did. I got really good cards for each week until the end of March and the first week of April. The rest of the cards showed me moving on and then being happy again. I might do the next six months later on, but it kind of tired me out and worried me. I got the ten of swords and the death card for those two weeks so that's kind of concerning. I don't like seeing the ten of swords pop up twice in two readings, especially since my second reading was clarifying the first.

I'm hoping I'll find out more about that next week though. Once a year I get a reading from someone I trust. So far she has been quite accurate for me for each year. Most of her predictions have come true except the love ones. She knows I do my own readings too. When I talk to her next week, I am going to ask her more about that event and if she sees that.

I'm honestly hoping I've read it wrong. I've done that before.


I drew so many Majors in an end-of-the-year spread, and I very rarely get them in my readings at all, so 2017 is bound to be quite an exciting and fateful year for me. I got many more good cards than bad, although my reading for one month is giving me pause. Readings for the successive months are outright reassuring though, and in some cases exremely positive so I am not too worried.

I hope that 2017 would turn out to be an annus mirabilis for me and my family.