21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- Step EIGHTTEEN



I went back a few steps to see both your drawing and the actual Hermit card. I had noted, for my Fey Tarot Hermit card, that it reminded me in some ways of the Fool card (this is in the Adept level postings where I am using the Hermit as my focus card). In looking at your Hermit, I see some outward similarities in that a wolf/dog is a companion, that a staff is being carried, that one is on high ground where the travel is risky.

However, your story-telling is really nice. It is the effort and process of letting our minds go free that uncovers so much for us as we study these cards. We ask those we read for to also suspend disbelief and to be open to whatever comes -- we also gain from the process. Thank you so much for sharing your imagination and insights with us. Dave


The World -- Tarot of Prague

I did this step a little differently from others, I realize. But, hey, it's what I did, so I'll tell you about it. First to restate briefly what the card looks like, it includes the central figure of the dancer, who fills up most of the card. In the four corners are a man, an eagle, a bull and a lion.

I imagined myself as myself going into the card. So my first decision was where to put myself. My first thought was that there wasn't a lot of room. So I had to figure out what size I wanted to be. I decided to be the same size as those corner figures. First I put myself right at the bottom, in the middle, between the bull and the lion, facing the dancer. But I didn't like it there. Looking around, I realized I really wanted to be over in the right corner with the lion. I should mention that, to me, anyway, the lion looks like he is smiling. So I went right over to him. He was very friendly and let me pet him. If you look at the card you will notice that his mane is very long, curly and inviting. I liked looking at the dancer, but I didn't really want to join her. She was not nearly as interesting to me as this lion (which leads me to believe I really need to spend some time with the Strength card -- that is my soul, personality and year card, so there's no time like the present). I wanted to be brave and happy like the lion. We hung out for a while, I petted him, then I left, feeling good.



Prism, are you really looking for the checkered flag? You're racing through the deck so fast you'll be passing me at the Adept level step within a week. Just kidding, its nice to see the fun and enthusiasm in your posts. Dave


21 Ways Step Eighteen RWS The Emperor


Here I sit on this extremely hard chair in a suit of armor, holding an ankh out in the desert all by myself yet you wonder why I’m not smiling. I’m very uncomfortable, I’m tired and I feel too old to be the ruler, but I don’t trust anyone else to do it well so I’m stuck with it. I would love to go to my country house, enjoy my wife and grandchildren, walk in my garden, and sit by the stream that flows there so abundantly.

I met a young monarch recently, the 4/P, we have a lot in common, he’s a lot like I was when I was his age. Although he seems a bit focused on his finances at the moment, With a little training, I think he would be a great ruler some day. He could even become an Emperor. Maybe I should spend more time with his to see what his goals are, mentor him get him ready to replace me someday, not too soon though, I’m still in good health.

First, I have to take care of the threat from this fellow Death he came charging in on his white horse, rushing to the rescue with his message of change, destroying everything in his path. Tough guy, I wonder if I can negotiate a treaty with him. I may have to go to war with him, perhaps that young fellow can help; maybe together we can defeat him. I think not, Death is very powerful as well. We’ll just have to learn to co-exist, make a few changes and move on.


I started writing and it flowed, I was surprised that I brought in Death and 4/p from my earlier spread. I t just seemed the natural thing to do.

When I embodied the card in Step 17, I empathized with him and understood his sense of responsibility as the ruler or patriarch.

This step allowed my imagination to flow. Knowing what I do about the Emperor it wasn’t difficult to imagine that he might want to live his last days in a less stressful environment. Since he is a control freak, he would want someone just like him to take his place, hence the 4/p, which I had drawn earlier. As you can see, it will be hard for him to let go.


Isn't it nice . .

Isn't it nice when we aren't afraid to let our imagination run riot --- no matter who is around or reading our posts. There is, of course, no judgment other that that of seeing someone only make a half-effort for their own good. You are doing just great and are showing all of the attributes needed to have fun with the Tarot. With "fun", everything else will flow well. You're comfortable or are reaching that stage. I truly hope you are pleased with your journey so far, as you have added to our joy. Dave



it's great to hear from you and Squeaky, I don't feel so alone back here. I am enjoying this journey and i'm learning so much from reading all the posts. They are like a beacon showing me the wait as I work to catch up. I may not catch up but trying sure gives me incentive to keep at it.


21 ways - step 18 - crow's magick page of cups

well, since i'm a writer, it didn't take me long to come up with this ... :)

page of cups

so … guys … this is really cool, like jumping through this door and now i’m here? can you see me? i’m up here in this amazing galaxy, is that hot or what? what? is there anyone else here? let me see … no, not really. no, i don’t feel alone, why would i? there’s all these STARS here and weird SYMBOLS and galactic foggy stuff, this is way too exciting to feel lonely. anyways, it’s only old people who feel lonely. like my mom the cup. not that she’s old-old – you know what i mean. she’s ok.

so i’m wondering what’s gonna happen next. let me see, this thing here, the one that looks like a head with one eye, i wonder what it does? hm, i can turn the round head-thing around on its stick. hm. nothing’s happening. hey! what’s this over here? coming closer and closer? whoa, it’s a reddish cloud, red and orange and a bit blue, too – whoosh, now it’s gone. that was weird. it came really slow and then suddenly, whoosh, really fast, it was gone. i guess things work different here in this corner of the universe. i’m gonna let you in on a secret – this is the first time i’m “out”. the ring that i came through? well, it’s sort of a walled-in place and to be honest, it was sorta boring and a bit lonely because mostly it was just me and my mom. she is great, though, she taught me everything i know! everything! can you imagine? she knows a lot. but it’s great to be out, great, great, great! there are so many adventures out here – this is so cool, now it’s out HERE, not out THERE anymore! there are so many things i’m going to do and see, and i’m sure i’ll do something really great, like save a planet or stuff like that. i’ll keep you posted, ok? now i’m gonna … how does this work … i’m gonna turn on my super jet propeller … yeah! it works! talk to you guys later!


Tarot of Vampyres~The Empress

Step 18:1.
You are a figure on the card. What are you doing? Where are you going? How do you feel? What do you expect?

I´m a green apple on the branch above the Empress´ head.
I´m looking at the same small cottage as the Empress and it looks just like the cottage of Snow White in that old Disney cartoon.
I´m tuning into the thoughts of the Empress and she is so deep in her memories that I can almost taste some of them. I think she was once the Evil Queen Stepmother but those feelings of envy and hatred are long gone. And long long before that, eons ago, someone else was the Witch Queen and she was herself the young Snow White.
For a fleeting moment I wonder if she could eat me but then I remember I´m still green and not quite ripe plus that she is no vegetarian. I´m not likely to be anything particularly interesting in her eyes. I have no reason to worry.

Step 18:2.
Takes notes on your experience. Reflect, add or edit your notes. How is this step different from the previous one?

I enjoyed being the apple. I was round and calm and whole.
I was eavesdropping and intruding the mind of the Empress but I think she knew about it and didn´t mind sharing. I empathized with the Empress and understood a bit about her sadness. I understood how she could be all things at once (Snow White, Evil Queen, Empress, Vampyre) and still be one and whole.


21 Ways - Steampunk

Step EIGHTEEN - Steampunk (Moore) - 5 of Wands

**Note - I skipped step Seventeen. I tried, but just felt really uncomfortable. I'm not sure if I was uncomfortable being inside this card or with the experience overall. I may come back and try it at a later point.
This step seems closer to Step Seventeen than I would like, but I really don't want to pass over 2 in a row, so I've given it my best shot.

-Who am I? I'm the moustached man with the eyepatch.

-What position am I in? I'm standing. I'm leaning forward and have one hand raised above my head.

-What am I holding? I'm holding a golden wand. This is my source of power at the moment.

-What gestures am I making? I'm scowling at the man in front of me. My fists are clenched.

-How do I feel? I feel many things. I'm angry. Energized. My heart is racing; there's adrenaline pumping through me. I feel determined, confident, powerful. I am in control here.

-What is my relationship with these people? The man in front of me is my enemy. He has caused pain and loss. He is the reason I'm here.
The others are my friends, my supporters. I called on them for help and they answered. I can trust these people with anything.

-What do I want or need? I want justice, vengeance. I want to set things right. I need to show others this man's true colours, to prove that I am right.

-What am I going to do next? I'm going to bring this man down, literally and figuratively. I'll hurt him physically, and his followers mentally. After that I'll stand back. I'll watch the reactions of others, both my supporters and his. I'll revel in my success.

I chose to be the moustached man this time. Usually I see myself in the aviator's role, so I thought I'd look at this from another perspective.
I don't like this person, not at all. He's too arrogant, sure of himself for my liking. However, I can see how others might view me as him sometimes. I think I'm more like the aviator, defending myself, but I think it might come across as an attack sometimes. This really gave me something to think about.