21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- step TWELVE


21 Ways Step 12

Step 12-1: Interpret the Nefertari’s Tarot Eight of Wands as if it came up in the following spread positions – 1) the recent past, 2) an obstacle, 3) your strength. We are further asked to modify our interpretations relative to a question and card position: 4) a question of “What is my purpose in life” for a spread position of The Best That Can Be Achieved. 5) “What do I need to know about buying this house?” for a spread position of My Fears.

* The Recent Past: You had rushed into an activity with only some of the resources you needed, oblivious to what others were doing. You may have been seen as not being a team player by others.
* An Obstacle: You wish to get started now on a project but are prevented from doing so because you have not fully prepared yourself.
* Your Strength: Quick actions can address a problem that cannot wait for discussion. You will need to improvise as you go.
* What is my purpose in life? for a spread position The Best That Can Be Achieved: You can achieve some success by making a sincere effort even though your situation leaves you less prepared than is necessary for complete success. Strive for an “A” for effort.
* What do I need to know about buying this house? for a spread position of My Fears: Making a quick decision before obtaining advice or seeking alternatives may result in a hasty decision that will be regretted later. This called “Buyer’s Remorse.” Do I have a grace period?

Step 12-2A: Relative to my chosen card, the Fey Tarot’s Fool, what do I need to look at in my life right now? A key focus right now is, “What will this book writing effort bring to me?” This particular Fool card operates on several levels.
* First, it warns me of being distracted by unexpected opportunities or possibilities from just getting the book “out there.”
* Second, this process of putting myself on the line before my peers is a journey that requires a degree of faith. Ideas and concepts that are new are not always welcome, and the astrological methods offered my be rejected or not taken seriously.
* Third, the entry into writing may lead to a journey having many twists and turns and bring unexpected opportunities as well as challenges. This may be a lonely journey or one of exciting encounters.
* Fourth, what is offered in this book may unlock many other challenges from established schools of thought or demands for more research and commitment.

Step 12-2B: Pick three spread positions from the many listed on pages 118 and 119 in the book and interpret my card from these perspectives.
* What will this book writing effort bring to me?” relative to a card position of Influences Of Others. It would seem that “glowing opportunities” (the lighted Jack O’Lantern that the Fool comes across) might be perceived or encouraged by others. These will have to be considered relative to the original purpose of defining and introducing a new methodology that has been crafted over many years of research. This will be counter to the many “Keys” that the Fool carries which can open “his” own awareness. A dilemma might be seen here on how to follow a chosen path.

* What will this book writing effort bring to me?” relative to a card position of What Am I Giving. I am offering a claimed solution to a problem area that has always plagued Astrologers using Solar Returns for predictive purposes. The offered methodology is bright and clear, can be grasped and looks attractive. (The Fool has paused and picked up a glowing Jack O’Lantern which he looks upon with wonderment) Many keys to various understandings are shown.

* What will this book writing effort bring to me?” relative to a card position of What Is Unexpected. Delays, pauses, distractions, not using the keys to what I already possess can cause delays and frustrate the purpose of this journey.

Step 12-3: In this portion of our task we will be interpreting an actual dealt spread that includes our chosen card. This 3-card spread will have it positions predefined. Mary Greer suggests we draw two cards and put them on each side of our chosen card in the middle position, although that can be changed. The other two cards will be drawn from the deck of remaining, shuffled 77 cards. Note: I do not use reversals with the Fey deck as I do with other decks that I use.

“What will this book writing effort bring to me?”
* Position One: Challenges to the planned publishing processes. The MAGICIAN.
* Position Two: My hopes and view of this publishing effort. The FOOL.
* Position Three: Resources that can lead to a successful presentation of concepts offered in this book. The FOUR OF CHALICES-CUPS.

FEY MAGICIAN. A Fey with raised hands creates a small creature bathed in light while a larger similar creature watches from the busy work desk piled with books, writings, a flowering plant and representations of the four tarot suits. A balloon of glowing lights hangs nearby in the air.
* Challenges to the planned publishing processes. This card shows a new creation or version of something already in existence. The glow around the creation indicates the spirit or power of the creation, the plant and larger/adult creature suggests that it will need to grow to make its place in the world. Books suggest that other avenues of presentation may be needed to meet this challenge. (I am looking a series of magazine articals, setting up or joining an established blog, and having the astrological tools put into existing software ((a very real likelihood with a software developer who has expressed an interest in doing this)) and working with astrological organizations that are willing to review this methodology).

FOOL: A Fey with clothing covered in hanging keys, a crown with a keyhole on his head, stops to pick up a glowing Jack O’Lantern, his face full of awe.
* Hopes and view of this publishing effort . I view this effort as something that will resolve a dilemma that I have observed in the professional Astrological community; the ability to easily and clearly predict and define events for the coming year using solar return charts. They many keys show that these concepts and methods can be further explored to enrich and open various areas of endeavor and learning.
FOUR OF CHALICES-CUPS: A voluptuous lady Fey rests, eyes closed, in a hanging couch above a large wine-filled chalice. Her hair is long and wrapped in a ribbon and rings. Rings hang from the side of the chalice.
* Resources that can lead to a successful presentation of concepts offered in this book. Waiting, letting time bring changes. Ideas, like wine, can take time to come to fruition.

I don’t consider a three part statement about the three cards to be a reading. As a group of cards, a spread, this is a “whole” story relative to the question.
* First, all three figures in these cards are facing back to the left. The Magician faces his new creation, the Fool faces his Jack O’Lantern, the Lady of the Four of Cups faces the others. The Lady Fey is waiting for the Fools possibilities which are seen as a new creation that contains seeds of newness, spirit and inspiration. Each springs from the first event, the creation or discovery.
* Second, each of the cards has rings – the Magician upon his sleeve-cuffs, the Fool upon his clothes in the form of rings holding keys, the keys having ring-tops, and the Lady of the Four of Cups with rings on the cups and on her hanging couch. Rings are symbols of completion, of fullness, of continuity.
* Cards one and two have glowing objects of focus. Glowing objects can contain spirit, newness, magic, attraction. I take this to represent the concepts and methods in the book.
* There are three different personality types represented here. I can speculate about what these could mean. The Magician could represent the Astrologers who originally uncovered the core techniques and initiated new views of how Astrology should work. These are represented by Cyril Fagan and the Sidereal techniques he postulated in his mid-1900’s research and writings. The Fool seems to represent myself who discovered some gold nuggets in that original research and developed new techniques and methods of prediction and interpretation. The Lady of Four Cups might represent those who will wake up or find these offerings to be beneficial and useful.

Step Twelve is a long step in terms of the work we are asked to do. I think it is well worth the effort and hope that this posting will encourage the other participants to throw themselves into this project. As always, I personally welcome comments, critique and dialog. So feel to post your feeling about this step, even if you are only watching and following this thread. This study continues to be totally fascinating. Dave


I have the Tarot Studo this weekene so I will try and have this done by morning or I will not be able to get to this until next Friday.

Good luck on the book dadsnook2000 and thansk for being the chariot here


The Recent Past: you were walking blindly into a project because you were in a rush to get started and did not prepare

An Obstacle: I think the main obstacle in this is one self energy going wily nilly and not focused

You’re Strength: The ability to get up and go in a hurry. You do not need take forever to prepare for anything you have more then enough energy to tackle most problems head on and think on your feet

What is my purpose in life? for a spread position The Best That Can Be Achieved:
Not knowing for what kind of person this is for is kind of ambiguous
lets go with a business person

Your purpose in life is to be many things to many people not only can you the
CEO/CFO but also take the time to spend with the family I see the business going places
The best you can be is take charge type of person in many situations and admired for it in many arenas

What do I need to know about buying this house? For a spread position of My Fears:

your fear is of you rushing into this blindly and not preparing enough . so I suggest to obtain a lawyer and ask someone who has done this before take all of there advise and use available resources so you will not be able to rush in blindly even if you want to.

I will try and have the rest done when i get home kind of hard laying out the cards in the middle of a buisness office



Knight of Pentacles - Tarot of Prague

Instead of using the muddy copy of the Alasio 8 of Wands, I used the 8 of Wands from my chosen deck, the Tarot of Prague. Color, shading, and detail mean a lot to me and before doing any interpretive work, I wanted to really study the card. The card shows eight red wands parallel with each other in the air; each ends with a different gargoyle head. A figure holding an hourglass and a lamp is calmly tumbling through the air behind the wands. In the lower right corner, a cherub is also falling. In the upper right corner a stork is floating, one leg up and holding a ball.

The recent past - a number of unexpected events (eight?) have occurred recently that have caused you to lose your equilibrium, yet you've taken these events calmly, in stride, and although you're off balance, you aren't terribly concerned about the outcome.

A obstacle - before you lie a number of frightening obstacles, but you realize there is another direction, a different way of approaching your goal, that bypasses all these obstacles. Focus on that direction, and the obstacles will be overcome.

Your strength - your strength is the ability to accept reality without panic, without heightened concern, even if it appears you are headed for a downfall. Others may fall (the cherub), but you will gently float down, with your eyes open and everything in view (the lamp). It may take time (the hourglass), but you will achieve what you set out to without harm to yourself or your spirit.

What is my purpose in life? (the best that can be achieved) - my purpose is to clearly see my path and know that I will reach my goal, avoiding obstacles that could hinder or prevent others from what I can achieve.

What do I need to know about buying this house? (my fears - original) - you have many fears about this house, many worries, but if you focus on the result, the positives about the house, the fears will pass away and you'll be satisfied with the purchase -- all of your concerns and worries will prove to be fruitless.

What do I need to know about buying this house? (my fears - revised) - you have many fears about this house, many worries. Examine these fears for validity, for what may lead you to a decision that you can be comfortable with. What do these fears tell you about your comfort level in buying this house?

I need to develop the patience that the knight shows, so my question is How can I develop the patience that my life needs right now?.

Source (root, cause) How can I develop the patience that my life needs right now? The cause of my impatience is my lack of skill at being still, learning that movement is not always necessary. I can cultivate and practice stillness, immobility, to help me develop patience.

Pros How can I develop the patience that my life needs right now? Patience, as the cliche has it, is a virtue. There is much to be learned from merely working at developing patience. I can gain confidence, learn more about myself through meditation and stillness and inner focus. I can cultivate my conscious imagination. I can expand my spiritual life and gain new abilities, new options that can be invoked in many situations where I've often simply reacted in the past.

What is unexpected? How can I develop the patience that my life needs right now? I selected this "position" because I didn't have an immediate response. But considering the position, the concept, I believe there are unseen, unexplored, unrecognized aspects of my self and my spirit that will reveal themselves as I develop a skill with being patient. An exciting adventure, new avenues to explore, await me as I develop this skill.

To accompany the Issue, I selected Purpose on one side and Next Step on the other. The Ace of Swords is Purpose, the Knight of Pentacles is Issue, and Judgement is Next Step. The Ace of Swords (Purpose) encourages me to focus on the Issue, to have confidence and know that achievement will be a positive step in my life. The Knight (which "comes from" Purpose and faces Next Step) is my current desire to develop patience, which will occur with the right focus and single-minded confidence. The Knight faces Judgement, indicating that the Next Step is to understand how avoiding development of this skill can mar my development, can cause a permanent vacuum in my spiritual growth.

I found the first two activities exhilarating, the last one extremely difficult, partly because I had trouble adding Judgement to the "blend".


For whipsilk

Judgment can be a tough card to fit into a reading. When we blend swords and pentacles (the other two cards) this can be seen as a "difficulty" due to their different natures. Going back to Step Six, I find Mary Greer's Modes, Elements and Qualities to bring up different ways to see our reading. If we look at ELEMENTS: Swords are mental, logical, communicative. Pentacles are practical, possessive, productive. Having an "Ace" of potential and focus as the initial card is not easy to grasp. "Preparing to make decisive plans may require a practical touch and skills to carry it out" comes to mind. But, that judgment card -- how do you move some higher value system or take on a different perspective or deeper level of understanding?

Perhaps the others on the list can help us both with this card in this spread that your have defined. Like you, I found this portion of the exercise to be difficult. That may be because we are too close to our own reading, our own life. Dave


Thanks for your comments, Dadsnook. I had completely overlooked the Swords - Pentacles - Major Arcana aspect of my spread. But it actually begins to make sense now. The Purpose (Ace of Swords) is a mental one -- to improve a purely mental aspect of my consciousness, and the Ace helps indicate that this is a new effort, reminding me to see this as a fresh effort, a new start, without dwelling on any failed attempts I may have made in the past. The Issue (Knight of Pentacles) however, is one that has a physical aspect -- the effort will have physical ramifications, and will involve activitities that engage my physical being (even in a neutral way, i.e. meditation, stillness). And the Next Step (Judgement) is a warning not to judge my progress, not to see it in terms of success or failure (absolutes) but of growth, of "gradual progress" and just let it happen, allow it to be in its own time. That a quick judgment whether I've succeeded or failed can actually bring a complete end to the effort as this is not growth which can be judged or seen in terms of "there, I've done it" or "nope, I didn't do it; oh well."



OK, I can see how you relate the cards to your personal situation and it all fits nicely. Thanks for elaborating. It's so different when we do it ourselves with our knowledge, expectations and personal involvement then when we do it for someone we don't know or know well and can just let the cards talk. Dave


Step 12

Focus on 8 of Wands from Nefertari's Tarot

1) Recent past...an offering of atonement
2) An Obstacle...too much in a hurry, a need to reach conclusions/assumptions
3) Your strength...to move forward, leaving the past behind.

4) Q: What is my purpose in life?
Position: The best that can be achieved...

A: To work at listening more to the inner voice becoming the master of your own life.

5) Q: What do I need to know about buying this house?
Positions: My fears...

A: Best to take you time in making a decision to purchase. Not all has been revealed about history or condition of house.
Termites? Probably.

Q:What do I need to look at in my life right now?
A:How to handle winning and losing with grace and a sense of humor.

rephrasing of question...
Q:How do you handle winning and losing with grace?
A:Good question...first if you can't say anything nice about someone, don't say it at all. Second, the less said, the better, and third, if all else fails keep your mouth shut and allow the other to show their true selves...and as Maya Angelou said..."when a person shows you who they are, believe them."

RWS 5 of Swords
Choose positions from page 118 and apply to choosen card...

Self-Image: with a tendency toward insecurity, self image will take a beating. initial response bound to be apprehensive, full of self-doubt.

Known: What is known is that not all circumstance can be handled both quickly and gracefully. Given enough time, it is most important to forgive situation and more importantly, the self.

Next Step: To be more mindful when in relationships, don't lose the self. Never lose that easiness and laughter.


RWS deck

3 card spread...1-2-3
Card 1 is Purpose...2 of Swords
Card 2 is Issue...5 of Swords
Card 3 is Feeling...7 of Pents(rx)
So why the issue? What was its purpose? What feelings did I derive/learn?
That there are 2 sides to every story. most important not to be too judgemental, actual, please drop. I think dropping the judgement can be enlightening. So I was wrong, she was wrong, nobody's perfect. Do I still love her, of course I do, always will. That is my take on the Purpose, 2 of Swords. With the 7 of Pents(rx)...much too serious dearheart. Don't fret so much about results, about destination. Learn from the mistakes as from the triumphs, that's what life is all about.

Quint card (I know it was not asked, but what the hell)
Need the balance and the ability to see all sides of a situation in conflict or argument. The challenge being to create something (solution) from two bullheaded folk.

Really enjoyed this step:)


Step 12 -- Spreads!

Hello my tarot sisters and brothers. I wrote this in my notebook on Friday evening, and I'm typing it to you on Monday, so let's see if it makes as much sense to me now as it did then!

Nefertari Tarot 8 Wands as:

Recent past: You've been rushing around in a big hurry. You've recently been very busy with a new project and expended alot of energy. (The man in the card has left some of his wands behind him!)

Obstacle: You may be rushing into this too quickly. You're in such a hurry, you aren't getting the whole picture. You're expending alot of energy for very little gain. Maybe there's a better way to go about it.

Strength: You have the ability to focus on one activity/goal and pursue it quickly, carrying it forward.

What is my purpose in life? The best that can be achieved.
I will work toward my goals and carry out my plans with great energy. I will be able to achieve goals swiftly and continue on to others.

What do I need to know about buying this house? My fears.
I'm afraid I'm rushing into it without all the facts. Things are moving so quickly that I may be leaving 6 wands behind and only keeping 2!

Manga 4 Wands

I need to focus on a true spirituality that changes me for the better (including in the realm of relationships).

How do I motivate myself to begin regular meditation and sangha attendance with a view toward changing?

Issue: In order for it to work (do what it's supposed to do), spirituality must be lived, including both rituals and putting what you've learned into practice. Sometimes discipline, like ritual, is a virtue in itself, too. It takes discipline and energy, but it should be a blessing, not a chore, even though sometimes difficult. Practice makes perfect.

What I bring to the issue: I am someone who enjoys ritual, music, etc., the "fun" part of religion/spirituality. I usually have good follow-through ONCE I GET STARTED and over that mental block. Aesthetics are important to me. I tend to be too self-centered, especially on this issue. Also maybe TOO orthodox to get the real idea. I am set in my ways and afraid of change.

Advice: Enjoy your spirituality and the exploration of it. Take advantage of the freedom within the forms. Invite others into your struggle. Don't be secretive about it. We're all in this together! Put some energy into it. Be in the moment!

How do I motivate myself to regular meditation and sangha attendance?

Issue--4 Wands: [Copied from above.] In order for it to work (do what it's supposed to do), spirituality must be lived, including both rituals and putting what you've learned into practice. Sometimes discipline, like ritual, is a virtue in itself, too. It takes discipline and energy, but it should be a blessing, not a chore, even though sometimes difficult. Practice makes perfect.

What I bring to it--Princess of Swords: A young woman in blue armor is riding a white whale across a stormy sky. She wields a sword that has its blade encased in ice.

I am a Princess of Swords, especially on this issue. I'm idealistic in both positive and negative ways. Maybe I'll be disappointed if my teacher isn't all-wise and my sangha members aren't paragons of virtue. I can also be too full of ideas. It's not KNOWING that matters, it's doing! But idealism can also be a good motivator--keep with those ideals and I won't despair. (I don't like the ice or isolation on this card. I don't want to be like Captain Ahab, alone and obsessed!)

I have a personal meaning for the Princess of Swords. The Book of Thoth says the Queen of Swords frees the mind from the body (in the picture it's the HEAD . . .) I had the intuitive flash that the Princess puts the mind and the body back together again! That bodes well for meditation and spirituality.

Advice--Tower: A young blonde woman in yellow armor raises a sword above her head as lightning splits the yellow sky, snow falls, and a wooden tower burns in the background. (Is it snow or ashes from the fire? And is that a volcano farther in the background?)

In order to do this, I'm going to have to let some things go, and it might not be pleasant. Will I have to give up my tarot and metaphysical studies after all? to achieve anything of worth? THAT is something that would hurt!

But maybe it means give up my protective shell (sun in Cancer, after all . . .). The tower is gone. The warrior girl must stand in the snow on her own. She is without shelter but she is victorious. It won't be nice, but it's all about breaking down the ego.

Maybe the fire is needed, even volcano heat, to melt the snow on this card and the ice on the Princess of Swords.


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Nice reflections

Nice reflections, rachelcat. Like you, I and others sometimes have to make a statement to/for ourselves and then live with it awhile to see if we got it right. Its part of the "reading for yourself" bit. Dave.


Important Note From Mary Greer !!!

As many of you realize, Mary Greer does find time in her schedule to look in on our studies and writings from time to time. She doesn't want to be a guiding presence in our Study Group in terms of discouraging us from thinking for ourselves, applying our own experiences to these exercises, or fearing to make "mistakes" in someones judgment.

However, she does want to us to move forward in our tarot reading skills and capabilities. To that end she has passed the following comment through me for each of us to consider.

I can't help making a comment on the example of an 8 of Wands in the Buying a House "Fears" position - which you can pass on to the others or not.

I noticed that most respondents dealt with the fear as if it were a "done deal" - rather than simply as an emotion (fear) that is causing them to look at the situation from a pov filled with anxiety and stress. In fact, such fear could be a false perception, generally leading one to a 'fight, flight or freeze' reaction, which MAY or MAY NOT be appropriate (a reader would have to look to other cards in a spread).

But, what most concerned me, is that people immediately jumped to 'solving' the problem. I find it very interesting how uncomfortable most people are with limiting the interpretation to a simple statement of the fear, without trying to FIX it (which the spread position is NOT about at all). This is, I believe, a major problem in tarot readings.

I have noticed that many here on AT subscribe to reading intuitively, meaning that they don't use a spread but merely lay down cards and piece together a story. To the extent that observation is true, my personal practice of using a spread with "established position meanings" (done before the cards are dealt) helps me to interpret each card within the scope of the spread position only. I offer this only as a suggestion and not as a critique.

Thank you, Mary, for this significant pointer. I should also point out that Mary is highly pleased by all of the effort and due-diligence that is being applied. So, everybody gets some "atta-boys" or "atta-girls" as appropriate. Dave