21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- step TWELVE


WOW Nicki. Having followed your progress with these steps I can see that this experience has been very soul searching and positive for you. I like the positive attitude your work in this step reflects. Congratulations!


thanks jewel, i feel i've been on a real journey with my card, ups and downs and its actually made me look at a few things in my life, this has been almost a cathartic journey and one i needed to make. thank you for your continued support.



Activity 12:1 Interpret 8 of Wands from Nefertari's tarots if it came up in the following positions.

1. The recent past - All 8 of Wands indicate that moment in time when you have initiated action, but it has not been completed, but in this card someone is striding towards something, two wands in hand, and the other six have just hit the ground. So in this case the actual moment is IMMEDATELY before things begin. The card in this position indicates a moment of waiting before action begins, but it also indicates that in the recent past things had just begun moving again.

2. An obstacle - The obstacle is that it is not yet quite time to actually take action. Instead it is a time when you need to plan before you can take action. Because in this particular card in this particular deck the time when you can plan is actually now over, it is possible that the obstacle is that there isn't enough time to plan properly.

3. Your strength - You have started an action, the waiting time is now over, and you are ready to proceed.

4. Question: What is my purpose in life?
Position: The best that can be achieved.
My purpose is to go forward and act. In this position, I will be prepared at the right time to act.

5. Question: What do I need to know about buying this house?
Position: My fears.
It is possible that I will have to act too quickly, and that I won't be prepared to do what needs to be done. I might buy the wrong house, at the wrong time, for the wrong amount of money.

Activity 12:2

1. From what you've discovered about your chosen card, what do you most need to look at in your life right now? Rephrase as a question.

Well, now I know why I was drawn to pull a new card. My card is RWS - 9 of Pentacles. Right now I need to think about and look at what it means to be alone, and how to stop being alone if what I need is people.

My actual question when I pulled the card was what do I need to pay attention to. Although it isn't responsive to this activity, it is the question I need to go with here.

2. Pick three spread positions and interpret your chosen card.

a. The situation: At the heart of the situation is that I am alone in the garden. That can be good, or it can be bad. It could be that I am using alone time to recharge my batteries, or it could be that I am alone when I really need to be with other people. This is the central question.

b. Strength: I handle solitude very well. "The garden" is full of wonderful things and experiences and options and joy, and I use those things, and those experiences, and those options and that joy to fill my spirit.

c. What is blocked?: I am alone in the garden. Although it is a wonderful place, there is no one to share its wonders. Solitude is wonderful, but its obverse is loneliness.

Activity 12.:3 Pick two other cards to clarify the question holding the chosen card (9 of Pentacles) as the situation. I will need one card for what my Next Step should be, and one for What can help me break my block. I'm also going to pull a card for Outcome for a total of 4 cards.

Next Step - Ace of Swords - The next step involves using logic to figure out the way out of my problem, and finding a solution.

What can help me break my block? - The Hierophant - Learning about what the rules are, what is possible and what isn't, and finding an organization or organizations to help me will allow me to break out of whatever is blocking me. I might need to join an organization, or just learn a great deal which will allow me to go deeper.

Outcome - Ace of Cups - In the end I can expect an overflowing of emotional good to come out of doing the work that the Ace of Swords and the Hierophant are requiring of me.

It is very interesting that I pulled two Aces and a Major Arcana card in this little spread.


21 steps step 12

21 ways step 12

12.1 . Eight of wands, Nefertaris Tarots.
1. The recent past
What have you just accomplished? How did you achieve your goals? Are you happy with the result?

2. An obstacle
What is stopping you reaching your goal or destination? What is stopping you from talking to others? Why did you stop trying? Is there something standing in the way of this relationship?

3. Your strength.
Your good at reaching your goals. You like to go straight for it. You will not be deflected from you destination. You take an idea and run with it. You like action in your relationships. Your not afraid to ask someone out.

4. Question: What is my purpose in life?
Position: The best that can be achieved.
My purpose is to get things done with the minimum of fuss. I expect to lead the way and be rewarded for it. I believe I will try to reach my goals. I will almost always attempt to get what I want.

4b: Question: What is my purpose in life?
Position: My fears?
I’m afraid that I won’t be able to it because I’m not good enough. Maybe I do not have right skills to reach my goals. I fear that others will not like how fast I go. I fear that I might race into relationships without thinking things through. I will try to go right for that I believe is right, even if I lose friends doing it.
(I did this before the house question….

What do I need to know about buying this house?
My fears: I fear that I will rush in and buy it without thinking things through. I fear that somebody else will get it before me. I fear that it might not be the right house for me. I fear that I might pay too much for it because I wont it so much. I fear that once I’ve got it I won’t to move on somewhere else after a short while.

What do you need to look into your life most right now

Why do I keep putting things off?
3 card spread with Hermit in all 3 positions

1: Pros: It gives me more time to reflect over what I should do. I can ask others for help so I do it right. I may get a better answer to the thing I put off, because I’ve used the time to reflect study and learn. I can use the time for other things to do.
2. Cons: The thing to be done must be done quickly, and I miss deadlines. I might overcomplicate things and use even more time. I might forget to do it. My increased self-awareness may make the chore seem insignificant and be put off even more. I don’t do the things I should. I get stressed by not doing things in time.

3. Next step (guidance): I should try to set up a priority list, allocating enough time so deadlines will be met, and quality does not suffer. I have to analyze in more depth why I put things off. This may be along term journey. What feeling do I have when I put things off, and why? Who suffers because of my putting off decision? Who gains?

12.3. Thy do I put things off? Here I drew 2 more majors, the High priestess and the star and with the Hermit, this is indeed a special spread.
Issue: The Hermit
What hinders: The High Priestess
What helps: The Star

The issue. I thought it would be right to look at the Hermit as a person, who he is, what he is interested in, to discover why he “puts off things”
The Hermit is more inclined to withdraw and study than meet deadlines and get this done at a pace. He wants to retreat, think things through, maybe seek guidance or help. He wants to gain self-awareness through process and understanding. The Hermit, like the fool is a wonderer, on a journey of self-discovery, not noticing, or choosing not to mundane things like simple tasks. The hermit’s maturity and wisdom reflects his concentration on the things that really matter in life.

What Hinders: The High Priestess wants and need to go into herself, to discover her unconscious, her inner self. I think maybe this indicates that I don’t like details; I just want to look at “heavy stuff” The High priestess demonstrates true passivity, though not a weakness for her goals of understanding her intuition and dreams, she is not a driver of getting those tasks done. I feel this as well. Its much more fun looking into the whys and where’s of things than sitting down, ticking off those telephone calls that need to be made.

What Helps: I believe the Star is asking me to have more self-confidence., having positive self esteem and energy. The Star tells me as well to use my intuition – saying that I can let some tasks go if my intuition says it’s ok. I will certainly try. By believing my intuition I will be gaining confidence in myself. It is also about being calm. I think here she is telling me not to be stressed, look at things calmly, and take things a bit easily. Perhaps these tasks are not that important that I make out. The star is also about her inner strength and joyous nature. I believe this is asking me to think through why I putting off things, and if I use strength and do the tasks I will be rewarded with good feelings. There seems to be a duality here, something I can learn from.
Verdi :)


12:1 Eight of Wands

1. Recently, you have been felt a lot of pressure to accomplish a goal.
2. You have been trying to force your way past an obstacle.
3. You have been using all your efforts to get a new project up and running.

4.a. Your purpose in life is to learn how to direct your tremendous energy.
b. You will be able to break through an obstacle that has been blocking your path.

5.a. You need to be aware that some people may be trying to rush you into signing the papers for buying the house.
b. You are afraid that events will come rushing at you too quickly to handle.

12:2 I need to examine my goals – where I want to go next.

For some reason (maybe it was the wine!) last night I started thinking of The Hermit in a totally different way. I had been thinking of choosing a new card, but now I think I’m going to stick with him for a while. Previously, and I’m sure this was due to my somewhat self-pitying attitude at the time, I had been feeling sorry for The Hermit, thinking that he was a lonely guy wandering around in the wilderness because he didn’t have a home to go to.

I guess I’m feeling somewhat more hopeful about my own situation because I started thinking of him as an adventurous sort of person, on the road to find something new. I am back to thinking of trying to find a new job, which is something I’ve tried unsuccessfully to do for quite a while now. And so I’m thinking of The Hermit as leading me on the road to that goal.

So, as to the question we are asked in the book to form, mine is: Where can I find work that will take me someplace new in my life?

We are also asked to interpret our card in three different positions. I have chosen to look at The Hermit in the position of a. weaknesses, b. the next step and c. influences from others.

a. What weaknesses will hinder your success?
You may be hindered by being on your own, having no allies in this situation.

b. What is a possible next step to take to achieve your goal?
You probably need to spend some time alone to figure things out.

c. How will others influence this situation?
You may find a guide or teacher who will help guide you to a solution of your problem.

12:3 In my spread, the Hermit was my issue or situation, which I mean to be my potential search for a new job. I asked for two more cards, one to show me what is blocking me and one to show me what can help me break through the block.

I drew the Emperor for what is blocking me, and the 10 of Wands for what can help me break through the block.

I have been drawing the Emperor very often lately. I’m pretty sure I know what it’s all about, and I don’t really want to go into it here. In addition to that one thing I think it may be all about, it could also have to do with the restrictions I feel on going about my job search. I am a librarian at a medical school, and I don’t find it particularly satisfying, but I feel very limited in what kind of job I could be considered for. Not to mention there aren’t a lot of jobs around, and I’m pretty old! So I don’t really feel like the world is my oyster.

Considering the 10 of Wands as how I can break through the block is interesting. The Tarot of Prague 10 of Wands shows a sad, burnt-out looking figure tottering along, barely able to carry his burden of wands. I totally relate to this card. I feel exhausted by trying to manage my job, teenage son, house in need of repairs, and on and on. Maybe this card is telling me that the first thing I need to do, before trying to move out into the world of job searching is to try to get a little rest!


Prism and other "HERMIT" card followers

In the section of AT that addresses Tarot History & Iconography, in the sub-forum for the Waite-Smith Tarot, there is a current posting on the Hermit that discusses his position within his surroundings and symbolic meanings. You might want to check it out --- keep in mind that the Hermit cards addressed are different from the Tarot of Prague and the Fey Tarots. Dave


Thanks -- that was helpful. It's useful to be reminded that he's traditionally shown on a mountain since in the Prague deck, he's of course still in Prague. Personally I like having him on a city street, since that is where I often find myself.


21 ways...Step Twelve: RWS The Emperor


Card Meanings
- the undertaking and development of an activity
- speed, great hurry
- Strain toward a goal

1. The recent past - Starting a new project, or job without adequate preparation and ignoring available resources.

2. An obstacle - rushing can cause costly errors and waste.

3. Strength – Being able to perform under short deadlines while not wasting resources.

4. What is my purpose in life? Position: The best that can be achieved.

The best that you can achieve will be unlimited when you strive to act for the highest good with whomever you meet regardless of their station in life or circumstance. Life will offer you many opportunities or chances to realize your potential.

5. What do I need to know about buying this house? Position: Fears

Response after reading mary's note.
Have you examined your fears? If so, have you worked out a solution for them? Do you feel confident that this is the house you want and you are prepared to purchase it? your fears are commonly known as buyer's remorse. They are natural.

(My original response)
You need to assess your finances to ensure that you have enough reserve for an emergency, take the time to inspect the house and read all the documents, the terms and conditions and make sure they are properly signed. Do not rush into the transaction and make sure that your income will support the purchase. (without strain)

I don't know what's right orwrong but my intuition says we need to help the querent address their fears after identifying them.


1. What do I need most to look at in my life right now?
I need to examine why I lack self-confidence when I’m in a social group.

Question – Why do I lack self-confidence when in a social group?

2. Positions:

1. Self-image – Why do I lack self-confidence when in a social group? I fear disapproval and my inner critic becomes active.

2. How others see me – Why do I lack self-confidence when in a social group? People generally seek me out when I’m in a social setting. I can usually maintain a lively conversation on a variety of topics.

3. What I need to let go of – Why do I lack self-confidence when in a social group? Stop listening to my inner critic.


Strengths: Death - Why do I lack self-confidence when in a social group? I need to open my heart and allow transformation to take place. This card gives me hope that this will happen if I’m open to it.

Issue: The Emperor – Why do I lack self-confidence when in a social group? Fear of disapproval.

Weakness: 4 of Pentacles - Why do I lack self-confidence when in a social group?
I hold on to the old feelings of self-doubt, instead of embracing completely the warmth and goodwill offered.

New cards, new insight.
The 4/p reinforces the Emperor, the Death card introduces the opportunity for change, since I’m feeling that I embody the negative energy from these cards then for me the Death card is saying we can change this. We can destroy the old energy and bring about a new more positive energy. I know it could change for the worse but I’m actively involve in changing for the better.

Per Dave
To see this as a complete reading I would say that the cards in the issue and weakness positions are closely related, they both or fours, they both are royal figures that represents order, security, protection. They seem to have everything but don’t appear to be happy, they are apart from their town or village and are alone. The four appears to be selfish and blocking any kindness that comes his way, the Emperor could deteriorate into a selfish despot.

The death card which when laid in the spread appears to be riding toward the Emperor and the 4/p bringing about death and destruction of the old energy and transforming the Emperor into a loving patriarch and inducing the 4 of pentacles to release control and become more compassionate and generous.

My take away is that I can embrace the warmth and goodwill offered me in a group and understand that as an adult I know myself well enough to forge my on path and not worry about others approval as long as I’m respectful, compassionate, caring and know that I’m a good person.


Greer (2006) 21 Ways - Step 12

7/The Chariot

12.1Eight of Wands from Nefertari’s Tarots

• 12.1.1: “In the past there was a great amount of effort exerted to help get you where you are now.”

• 12.1.2: “A difficulty you have in accomplishing your goals is that sometimes you move too quickly, as in the merchant from Grimm’s Fairy Tales that learned ‘haste makes waste’ the hard way.”

• 12.1.3: “An asset you have in trying to accomplish this endeavor is your ability to take on and develop tasks in ways that paves the way for your ultimate goals.”

• 12.1.4: “To work hard towards accomplishing that which you are called to do, though it may not be completed by you it will bring satisfaction.”

• 12.1.5: “Your fears center around the whole process going too fast, maybe being pressured through quick-sales tactics (e.g., “Buy now or it will be gone soon!) or signing legal papers you don’t understand with long-term negative consequences or rushing to buy the first house you can instead of the one that feels like ‘home, sweet home’ for you. It could even be all of them!”

12.2 – Back to 7/The Chariot from RWS

• 12.2.1: “What do I need to know about making it in the ever-changing situations I find myself in at this point in my life?”

• 12.2.2 – 3 Spread Positions:

o Question: “What do I need to know about making it in the ever-changing situations I find myself in at this point in my life?”
o Position #1: How others see you.
o Interpretation: “Those around you see you as being self-confident and in-charge of your life. You’re a real go getter and do what it takes to get the job done. You’re consistent and persistent, did you know that? Do you see yourself that way?”

o Question: “What do I need to know about making it in the ever-changing situations I find myself in at this point in my life?”
o Position #2: Self-Esteem.
o Interpretation: “You are struggling with challenges around emotional issues and I bet you’re calm exterior masks the churning waters inside. In fact, this is the crux of the challenge you’re facing right now.”

o Question: “What do I need to know about making it in the ever-changing situations I find myself in at this point in my life?”
o Position #3: Next Step.
o Interpretation: “As difficult as this may sound, the next step for you right now is to take hold of the reigns of your emotional life. There are a number of things in your life you cannot control and this is one of the few things that you can. But if you let your emotions get the better of you, you most certainly will crash and it could make a good situation sour overnight.”

12.3 – Additional Cards to 7/The Chariot

• Additional Card #1: Knight of Cups (Reversed)
• Additional Card #2: Page of Swords

Additional Insight: The Knight of Cups tells me to watch out for the darker side of emotions, such as depression or extreme moodiness, which will only exacerbate the stress already present. The card may also relate to an emotional block in that I need to look for an outlet/better outlet for stress management. The Page of Swords speaks to me about communications with others and to avoid appearing as either a “know-it-all” or to keep them more in the realm of ideas as a way to avoid the underlying emotional firestorms within me. It’s good to emote, just not everywhere and with everyone!

Althea Nokomis

I have a question with 12:4 that I haven't seen answered yet. For the second part, Position: Characteristics of the Other Person... Who does that refer to? The people in the example we are reading for or an unknown person that relates to their reading?

Does that make sense?