21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- Step TWENTYONE


That point in our studies where we reach a point of accomplishment, understanding and a degree of self-pride has arrived. We are at Step 21!

Mary Greer suggests that a reading should lead to a positive conclusion, no matter what the spread and cards superficially indicate. There has to be some learning, some direction, some guidance forward to share with the querent. The visualization process is a key to giving guidance. We have already learned so much about the cards, especially about looking beyond the superficial picture and meaning, and seeing other messages and metaphors within the card.

This final step is called "The Possible Self." Using our chosen card and its many meanings that we have discovered, we are to describe qualities within the card that we most want to develop (find again, maintain, improve) within ourself. Use only a minute or so to make a short list.

Then, expand on one or two of those qualities. Do not use any negative words in your expanded meaning -- which we will write out, of course. Turn the phrase around so that only positive words are included.

Write an affirmation about yourself using the phrases you created so far. Keep this short and concise. Then rewrite it using action-oriented words and avoid "I will, I would, I should, I can, etc." "I have or I do" is better, as Mary notes.

This affirmation is important. I would suggest posting it on the computer screen for a constant reminder. This affirmation can be applied to any area of life, not just Tarot work. This step is where we have to put some time and energy into it. The affirmation we craft will be a powerful symbol, so lets all strive to do our best for ourselves. Dave

PS I'll be on a short vacation until Friday.


its true without this step, tarot can ruin people's lives, emphasis on the positive is important but intention is the key (maybe)


Daves 21st Step with the Fey Fool card.

As I work with this card and these exercises, the following words seem to be foremost in my thoughts:
** Curiosity
** Wonderment
** Trust

Expanding of these words:

CURIOSITY: This is the outward quality reflecting an active, associative mind. We involve ourselves in our world, we turn over the leaf, rock and seashell just to see what can be found.

WONDERMENT: A mind attuned to the universe, the cycle of life (again and again), and in search of both its place and its path, discovers a constant flow of events and experiences which bring wonderment to the fore. Wonderment marks an expanding mind and fuels the mind, body and spirit.

TRUST: Curiosity and wonderment build ones trust in oneself, in others, in the greater world around us. The greater "good", of which we are a part, never denies more curiosity, wonderment and growth.

An AFFIRMATION: I continue to express curiosity, to be open to the wonderment in all that I do and all I have contact with, and trust that these qualities will continually grow within me for my benefit and for all those I know.



for some reason this step was not ' coming to me" I enjoyed how you combined all the words into a wonderfully life improving phrase . Nice suggestion about the computer screen .


Step 21 possible self

Star Tarot of Dreams

3 Phrases

Hope: With Hope a person can get through any tower situation no matter the difficulties. Because no matter how dark a tunnel is as long as you can see the light at the end of it you know there is a way out.

Healing: On an emotional, spiritual level s where this healing occurs. The spirit gets uplifted and you can experience joy and happiness.

Compassion: There is tremendous hope and joy when someone feels compassion for someone else

Empathy: There is a feeling of “oneness” when a person can understand how I feel based on there own experience.

An Affirmation: Today I Hope I have enough empathy with someone to feel compassion because I empathize with there situation when this occurs the healing can begin for both of us. This is my hope for recovery


Don't worry Coyote. I feel like I "failed affirmations" when I took Mary Greer's class back in November. And, see, you did well, after all! (Oh, wow, I just remembered, I used the Hanson-Roberts STAR for that exercise! Your Star affirmation is DEFINITELY better than mine was!!) I hope this is better than that lame attempt.

Step 21 Affirmation

4 Wands keywords that I need to use right now:
present awareness
ritual for development and learning

I came up with two affirmations:

I open my heart and my mind to my loved ones in the present moment.

I know my emotions and motivations and act on them to the benefit of all beings.

My first ritual will be to repeat my affirmations three times a day for 21 days!

Once again I want to thank Dave, Mary Greer, and fellow students, especially Coyote and Jewel, for this wonderful learning experience. Even after reading through the book and taking the one-day class, I truly had no idea that one could get so much from one card (and lots of working!). And (without radically changing the meaning of the card over time) it had something helpful to say to me almost every day for over four months! Again, wonderful!

I don't want to get too formal here, but this seemed like a good place for summing up! I will see you over in the next steps thread!


your affirmations were great, I feel empowered already. I hope this is not a good bye we still have the adept level to do .

You did an awsome job of hanging in there! I truley look forward to seeing you in the adept level.


Now that we have all been "smartened up" . . .

As I read over everyone's postings I looked at my own on the Fey Fool. I was thinking about one of the words I associate with the Fool -- curiosity. It came to me that curiosity could lead to nosiness. If one were to be curious, could one go to far and just get to a point of being intrusive concerning other people's affairs. There is definitely a line there that should not be crossed.

That thought then raised the question about how we might apply the card's meanings in a reading. Let us say that the FOOL card came up in a spread position that was given the meaning of "How should I deal with this other person's actions?" Obviously the Fool card would be very tricky in this spread position. By taking the superficial word of "curiosity" further, would we think to counsel someone to not be intrusive or nosy?

Oh, Mary, have you given us Pandora's Box here? Do we have another phase ahead of us where we run amok and get all messed up? This just goes to show that we at least know we can be creative and can see the cards in many ways that would not have occurred to us before. Just some random thoughts here. Dave


dadsnook2000 said:
Oh, Mary, have you given us Pandora's Box here? Do we have another phase ahead of us where we run amok and get all messed up? This just goes to show that we at least know we can be creative and can see the cards in many ways that would not have occurred to us before. Just some random thoughts here. Dave

Loving your choice of words!! I am haveing the same issue with the healing part of the Star it is great I have new meanings but now how to fit them into my reading . Also what other nuggets of goodness are embedded in the other cards.


For CB

I think tarot will never be quite the same for us again. But, that is what this has all been about. I'm sure we'll fit it all in nicely. Up until a month or two ago I used to do a lot of Tarot Readings and combined Tarot-Astrology readings on a web-site that the just suddenly stopped operating. That was very disruptive because I had a long-standing project with a lady overseas whose husband had left her and several children. This was in a society where she was highly discriminated against as a woman without a husband. It would have been great to have seen how it all worked out after three years of readings.

The point is that I learned a lot about how card meanings had to be adjusted for different cultural backgrounds -- or at least the use of the cards and the way I expressed them had to be adjusted. I believe our experiences here will have a similar deepening impact upon us and will be exceptionally valuable for reading, for self-learning and awareness, for any and all of the uses we have for the Tarot. Dave