25/12 The Emperor


I listen to a lot of Heavy Metal, and this Emperor reminds me of a rock star. The blocks on his podium look like an R and an O and a C, and the blocks by the skull spell Zal, so for me, this is Zal the rock star- visit his website on the internet, or catch him on his world tour. Zal is at the height of his power (the noon day Sun; concious, outwardly projected energy. This is echoed on the podium and his collar). He strides forth, ready to be first, as Aries is the first sign in the Zodiac (the symbol of which is tatooed, of course, on his head). He fairly crackles with power and shows us how to harness and use our creative energies toward a structured purpose. This structured purpose need not be domineering, but can be an area of self-development that needs the Emperor's firm hand.
Interestingly (to me), a long haired metal rocker from the group Jet Circus named Ez Gomer had a charateristically Emperor-ish approach to a spiritual issue. He is quoted in a magazine as saying, (he'd been referring to a string of bad luck, partiularly with record execs. giving the band a bad deal) "But lets not be too sad; life is ups and downs for us all and my belief is that forgiveness is necessary to go ahead and bitterness is killing you slowly. I don't want to take prisoners. I want to be a positive, forgiving and happy person. And I am. Glory to God."
I like how the landscape curves upward, as though wherever the Emperor and his podium preside were the center. The shadowy blobs around the perimeter may be trees, and buildings, but within their shade could be a crowd of people waiting for him to speak- "Hello Earth Coin Village!"

Graham's booklet says: "Welcome to the theater the most powerful player of all: the Emperor. This is the man who rules the stage. He is a creative and energetic man. In front of him are his props; the computer shows his ability to adapt to modern technology; the globe symobolizes his authority, a ram's skull stands for his astrological sign, Aries. A self-determined man who struggled for his position of dominion, he built Phantasmagoric Theater upon a divine law. The Emperor will not allow himself to be dominated; he is here to teach us self-discipline. He is yang, demanding, powerful, and headstrong. The Emperor is here to instruct and encourage us to stand up for ourselves.
Divinitory Meaning: Will power, stability, leadership, intellect, self-discipline and perseverance.
Reverse Meaning: Unable to listen, cowardice, vanity, bad temper, failure in ambitions."


whooooooooooo! whoooo! rock on! :D ***holding up lighter***

this guy DOES look like a rock star. Actually, he reminds me of the guy in the movie "The Crow." I like him... AND he's my "soul" card, so I double, double like him. haha.

What's up with the hair though? Is he facing the wind or did he go overboard on the mousse? A tatoo on the forehead is a bold statement, also correlates to the "mind" (as in mind over matter) that is traditional to the Emperor. The same image on the Empress' shield is now displayed on the computer. So, this guy is the most powerful figure in the theater? (Not equal to the Empress? hmmmph. go figure.) Actually, he is a little intimidating. It's his eyes. He looks a little dangerous... powerful. Ruling with his knowledge. (Knowledge is power -- absolute power corrupts absolutely -- blah blah blah, etc.) His blocks are letters, as opposed to the numbers in the Magician. Therefore, it is more logic/language/words... then equations/numeric probability/fate that he deals in. The background looks like sillouettes of people/creatures, raising their arms (flippers?), waving, etc. Cheering as if they ARE at a concert. Wonder if Graham had this rockstar image in mind when he designed this card... I never would have made the connection, but now that you say it Galadrial, I can definitely see it.


edited to add more stuff:

Graham writes that the Emperor (who sadly doesn't have a name either) built the Phantasmagoric Theater upon a divine law. ... WHAT law is this? It's gotta be a wacky law. (Rule one of PT, do not talk about PT. Rule two of PT, do not TALK about PT. heh heh) No, seriously, is the law that there is no law? There obviously SOME order (majors, suits, etc.)... but the theater is backwards, unexpected, silly, scary... unpredicatable.....

Additionally, just the "fact" that the Emperor BUILT the entire theater seems a little warped... a little unbalanced. Well, he may have built it, as in gave it form with his driving/fire/manly nature, but he was aided by the Empress (or maybe Yin?)... cause you can't have all male without the female. (Maybe this is just my feminist nature getting in the way?) So if he is the Yang, masculine prinicple, then he is kinda like the Ace of Wands, personified.

Graham also writes that "the Emperor is here to instruct and encourage us to stand up for ourselves"... cool, though does he really want us to claim our own power? or does he just want to "rule" over everything? I guess he is just to inspire us, leading by example, no matter how "callous" he may seem ... cause what good would it do to emulate a wimpy ruler? And, if he was concerned for our feelings... could that perhaps be considered a weakness? (LOL -- it is always these "powerful" types that end up wanted to be dominated. hee hee. The Empress then makes a perfect match! haha. what a couple!)

One more thought... do you think Graham relates himself to this card (or visa versa?)... being the creator of the entire theater and all...

edited again: (will she EVER shut up?) ;)

just another thing. wanted to say that I dig that he is at a podium rather than the traditional king sitting in a throne. Makes him more dynamic, instructive, even formidable. (oh no, is it bad to think a cartoon is sexy? yikes! haha)