26/11 Four of Wands


Graham's booklet says: "Four people work together sharing a common goal, the completion of a balancing act. We learn how to help and support each other using the element of team work and cooperation. The acrobats of a circus harmoize together, showing us the importance of working together for the greater good of all.
Divinitory Meaning: The Four of Wands symbolizes a harmony between ourselves and others.
Reverse Meaning: Not belonging or fitting in, feeling in the way."

I drew this card yesterday in the "Body", or physical manifestation position. First thing in the morning, it was far from how I was feeling, and I wondered about it as it has always been a very positive, celebratory, Wheeee! sort of card for me in the past, and nothing indicated it would be that sort of day. Turns out there was a whole new meaning for this card waiting for me. There has been some heavy emotional weather between me and another, but there was an unspoken consensus reached that we would, with an effort of will, work together and acheive a delicate balance requiring (inner) strength and focus. The payoff was a striking harmony, all the more beautiful for it not being able to be maintained by either one of us alone, but it's existence a gift from each of us to the other.