29/01 The World


I actually drew the World card today (with only 7 cards left, good thing Tarot doesn't pay attention to the odds:), and I'm definately feeling it's energy.
To me, this card looks a lot like an illustration from a children's book. I like his homey red Long John's and the stars and planets drawn in childlike fashion on the pink wall behind him. The Magician's fancy objects and ritualistic setting have turned into household science fair project materials on a playroom table, and yet are imbued with the power to float. It's as though the World man, combining the experience of someone who's been around since the Big Bang with the belief of a child, effortlessly realizes the potential of the ordinary and derives great pleasure from being part of such a magical Universe. Perhaps because the fact that the sacred isn't "out there" but right here and now in the everyday is so blindingly obvious, that is takes all the lessons of the Major Arcana to return us to the childlike state of trust that enables miracles to occur.

Graham's booklet says: "The entire story of the Major Arcana is contained within The World, where all things are complete and in harmony.
The Universal Theater has been conquered. Spirit has conquered the Material. We have grown to a mature state of conciousness, and moved to a new age of self-realization.
All of our hard work has brought us success; we have won our inner battles within the Phantasmagoric Theater. The World reminds us of the commitments we must fulfill, our obligations to ourselves and each other. We all have a duty to respect our world, as the world we live in is a reality. By abusing it we are simply abusing ourselves. Upon the table are four objects representing the elements that make up the World, including a plant (earth), a glass of water (water), a candle (fire), and a cloud (air). The World denotes physical and psychological harmony.
Divinitory Meaning: Fulfillment of desires, success, worthy deeds, favorable outcome.
Reverse Meaning: Heavy burdens, stagnation, bad influence."